Wednesday, September 7, 2011

May in review...

Ringing the bell of the SS Klondike, Kluane NP&R aka Daddy's & Tom's Boat! (Photo taken my Aunt Maureen!)

Hamish, taking in May's warmth, at long last.

New Friends

Mother's day on Crocus Hill

Best Mother's Day yet!

Exploring Yukon's rich history

My Office, Tachal Dahl / Sheep Mountain of Kluane National Park & Reserve of Canada

Helping Daddy unload Wellington's food

Peter, our resident Show Shoe Hare, losing his winer's white

watching the last of the ice on Kathleen

And last but not least...Taking some quiet time with the latest issue of Chirp

1 comment:

Betty said...

Great to see you all again!
Lovely photos. Hope you have been enjoying summer.