Monday, September 17, 2012

Once upon a time,
a woman lived in a
 big grey house in the far North.
 Tucked into the Boreal Forest,
she toiled away in her garden,
 making it a fragrant paradise of
 texture and colour that fed her senses.
  While she loved this place so,
 the day came when she had to move away,
 leaving her cherished little garden behind.
  The little paradise waited
 day in and day out
 for its gardener to return
 with loving hands and heart,
 but she did not
 eventually, the flowers and trees
 fell into a deep state of mourning...
  Years passed
 and while the gardener did not return,
 and the place became
unrecognizable with weeds,
 the beautiful plants persisted
 holding onto memories
of happier days gone by,
 in spite of their
saddened hearts.
Then it happened...
a family,
 though different than the old gardener,
 arrived on cool summer day
 and chose to call the place home!!
  The children played and the dogs romped,
 the man inspected the buildings
 and the woman,
 with hope in her heart
 and a bottle of robaxicet in pocket,
 took to the garden...
and once again...
the little garden knew love.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

ahaha The robaxacet comment had me in stitches!

Betty said...

Ah, now this lovely story holds promise of a happy future both for the new gardener, the family and the garden.

Heather, aka: Mum said...

Oh Girls...we ripped & ditched & pruned & replanted & even donated perennials... and in the process I even found more hidden tressures burried dedep benneith the overgrowth...I can't wait to see what comes back in teh spring!!! :) Friends have come over & commented on the improvements and the work has done wonders in making this space feel more like my own! :) :) :)