Saturday, November 3, 2012


Halloween started in our house
DAYS ago!
It started with
a spiderweb table cloth
and a number or other creepy items
placed around the house,
along with two
 very excited little girls!
Their excitement mounted
when they invited friends over to
(what I suspect will be come an annual event!)
our pumpkin carving party!
Decked out in 
adorable seasonal outfits
sent up by Aunt 'Reen,
we began to get ready for
TONS of fun on the big night!
With a week bit of make-up,
a dash of imagination,
and buckets of fun,
Our little girls were
transformed into,
Hulk Witch and Pumpkin Princess!!
They were both thrilled with
 what greeted them int he mirror ;)
I was thrilled too...mighty cute kids
if I don't say so myself ;)

As for that man of mine,
I had NO idea that
he had an inner Pirate! 
At school carnival,
Adelaide had fun with the ring toss
succeeding on her first throw...
while Sarah was told her fortune!
Apparently she is going to
 marry a man that makes her laugh,
have 9 children
(including a set of triplets AND twins)
and have a career that
has her working out doors!
Really?? NINE kids???
I'm going to be one busy grandee!!!
Once we got home the final details
 had to be attended to in a hurry!!
As the first kids arrived,
I was adding the final touches!
We were finally prepared, inside and out,
for anyone who might drop by...
and Pirate Daddy was
out the door
with two excited
Trick-Or-Treaters :)
Decorating outside was a blast :)
I think this witch was
one of my favourite
details that will reappear
from year to year now ;) fact, she needs a name...
It took no time at all before all five outdoor
Jack-O-lanterns froze solid!
No pies from these critters
but, I DID give 5 lbs of pumpkin seeds
to a friend to roast!!
And roast them he did!!
We received a bag the other day...

maybe it was the display window
that was my favourite
aspect of the house.
It featured crafts that the kids had done
both at home
and at school!
 maybe it was just the
entire house...
In the  end...
  Hearing the 
squeals of delight
and seeing the
sparkle in the faces
of my girls,
created more magic
than any other
part of Halloween!
After all,
those precious moments
are what it is all about

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