Saturday, June 28, 2008

Baby Action

Ok, so apparently I have wayyyy too much time on my hands as I'm blogging for Heather yet again! But I just had to post the baby video and pictures from the other day. I think the family and friends need an update eh?!?! Those FitzGeralds (yay, I remembered the capital G) are so busy and internet-less still.

There were a few pictures from this evening on my blog, but here they are again... and more!
Adelaide, notice the awesome little bootie slippers!

Sarah STRETCHES to get out!

haha, I love that shot, and Adelaide's big eyes!

Yet another, still focused on stuffing everything she can in her mouth. They're really so much like puppies!

More Sarah stretching.

More stretchy Sarah.

Adelaide, they are getting really good at looking at things and going after them! For example, your hair, my beer, etc...

Ha, Sarah's feet look HUGE here.

Ack! Stop blinding me with that flash!!!

The cutest twins in the north.

And here's a little video of Sarah doing her stretching thing and Adelaide eating her toys. Pretty cute. And that is Heather chattering away in the background, reading the paper. As if the babies and I care! :)

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Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

You are doing a great job blogging on here Stacey!

Those girls are so damn cute! My little man is just going to have his choice of northern girls one day! Get out your shotguns mama's!