Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Stacie here, blogging for Heather. She is DYING to get these bear photos on her blog, but is unable to now due to their priority with digging themselves out of SNOW. Snow in June... what fun!! Hey, at least Heather can't complain about the bugs being a bother!! :)

I can't convey Heather's excitement when she heard that I saw bears down the road when I walked into their cabin last weekend. Nor can I convey her utter horror when she realized I didn't tell her THE SECOND I WALKED IN THE DOOR. When she heard I saw bears, she grabbed me and we were out the door faster than I could say "but my beer is still cold...!!"

Momma was not really this close, I just took advantage of the cropping and zooming in tool!

I have to admit, Heather got some great shots! But it's bound to happen when you take, like 500 photos!! But wait! There is video too, but I'll leave her to post that nonsense.

Yes, holy crap she's huge.

This is my favourite shot - the shaggy cub.

That hump says it all = Grizzly.

The beautiful mountains surrounding Haines Junction. This was a km or so from Sean and Heather's by the way...

Bear butts with wee little tails. You can even see momma's foot in this shot. So cool!!!


Lenny's mom said...

Awesome pics!! So glad to see a post . . . I thought you guys had fallen off the face of the earth! Work & babies keeps one pretty busy, doesn't it??!! How is everyone doing? I heard on the news the other day about the snow in Haines Junction . . . it was about 30C here that day!!!

dogsled_stacie said...

I think they've dug themselves out now lenny's mom... plus they have no internet at home right now. THere is also SO much to do here in the summer, crazy!