Monday, April 5, 2010

And so it began...

...just before Christmas...We were fortunate enough to have
Angelique and Loic drop into our lives!
They came to Canada to improve their English & to live an adventure...
While Loic's idea of adventure involved the wilds of Vancouver,
Angie had different ideas :)
Her sights were set on the Yukon
Loic, being a man in love, followed her adventurous heart North!!

.. And so...North they came! With enthusiasm and spunk, they moved into a tinny one room sleep shack on our property and took on the task of tending a kennel packed with hyper sled dogs!

The learning curve had begun!

Not only did they succeed in winning over the hearts of 35 dogs, they became family in a very real way to each of us!

And who could forget William the sled cat...
he, too, fell in love with this fabulous French couple!

While we taught them how to feed dogs, they taught us how to feed PEOPLE!

French Crepes anyone??

& family traditions were shared...
Birthday cakes made with love...
and stuffed with MONEY!

and potluck gatherings with friends

More crepes but this time over a camp cooker!
Once we got the heat just was looking good ;)

Who needs light switches when
paper lanterns are an option?
Note to self: Caution...Paper burns ;)
Nine lit, eight survived!
Not a bad setting for a Yukon-Style Birthday !
Thanks for letting us celebrate with you Loic !!!

Adelaide & Sarah take Loic for an afternoon of snow fun :)

And Buster and Alex take them for plenty of walks!

There were never a lack of snuggles with
our friends close at hand!
I hope they know how much they are missed, and
not only by the dogs.........
Wishing you well on your continued journey my friends,
and leave us knowing that your little cabin awaits your return


Meandering Michael said...

Ha ha, I believe that should be "French crepes" (or "crêpes" if you want to be really precise).

"French creeps" really doesn't portray two obviously very cool people in the right light. :)

I answer to "Mum" said...

LOL Hi Michael! You cought me in the post-posting editing phase! Guess I should edit better FIRST... By the way, how the heck did you get the ^ in there anyways?? I'm impressed...& you are right...these two very cool people truly aren't "creeps" but they are extremely tallented "crepers" ;)

Meandering Michael said...

There are lots of fancy, complicated ways. The easiest is to google the word ("cafe", for example) and then copy and paste the word into your entry/comment.

loic said...

BIG THANKS heather for this post of us!!!
You did that so well, that it give me envy to cry!
We miss you a LOT ( all the family, include the 35 dogs,and the cat)
homesick ( of yukon)


Anonymous said...

Hi my friends,

I'm so sad to read that and in a same time i'm so happy because this story it's a story of a fabulous adventure, the worldest...
This adventure gave me a new family who will be always in my heart now... I'll never forget my sweety's girl Sarah and Adelaide and them fabulous parents... and always love the 34 wonderfull sled dogs, the pet dog "wellington" and sled cat "Williams"!!!
One day we'll come back in the Yukon in the pretty cabin. As soon we can...
I miss you a lot. With all my love.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

What a fantastic adventure for them!

I answer to "Mum" said...

Loic & Angie...I must is really fun to READ your English.
Remember when you fist arrived in the Yukon Angie? Now you can not only speak English but you can write too! When we visit France, it will be YOU that is the translator my friend ;)