Monday, April 12, 2010

Looking out the window at Silver City...
you are greeted with this peaceful view.
What a wonderful place to unwind...
to sew if you are a local quilter :)

It was my first time joining the retreat
and let me tell you...
there is very little sleeping going on
and, instead, a whole lot of
creating &, what can only be
described as,
black-belt EATING

Between the rich & decadent meals,
prepared by the women attending the retreat,
I managed to finish up a few projects...
this table runner has been in the making for months.
The red fabric was a thrift store purchase (all of .50 cents)
Many thanks to the person who donated it :)


I started sewing this quilt some 17 years ago
when I lived in Leskard Ontario!
I had NO idea what I was doing at the time
and gave up soon after I'd begun!
At the time, I also had no idea that I'd eventually find my way North
and settle in a quilting rich community!
Am I ever glad I dragged those bits & pieces
around for all of these years.
I have a fabulous (if I don't say so myself) quilt because of it!!

I am well into the throws of a steep learning curve...
This project took only a few hours, for the other quilters, to perfect.
MY bird took
So...well nourished with great food & great laughter,
somewhat over tired but with various projects completed,
I returned home to my family.
It was my first time away from them & I must say,
I struggled, at moments, missing them deeply.
But one look at Adelaide's reaction to my efforts...
made it all worthwhile :)


Meandering Michael said...

Cool bird!

I answer to "Mum" said...

Thanks Michael! It was tons of fun to make :)