Thursday, May 6, 2010

It was Sean's Birthday today
& the girls said that he turned
"Old & a half"
Lucky for us, he was able to take the day off
to play with his three favourite girls
We hopped onto our bikes & cycled into town
for our FIRST ever
FitzGerald Family Bike Ride!
Then it was off to the playground...
Adelaide's first horse ride
In was our first trip to a playground...
Lots of "firsts" today for the FitzGeralds!

There wasn't any shortage of smiles around
the swing set OR the slides!!
The teeter-totter was a hit too!
We could have stayed there ALL day!
I'm thinking that this could be our
new favourite summer hang out!
hummm... come to think of it,
it's my first summer off with my girls!
And when you get to hang out with your best friends...
it's only that much better

and it's not hard to see that,
these two are definitely best friends

and THAT is simply
just AWESOME!!
And it make life completely fun!!
As it turned out,
the Glacier View opened for
the first day of the season today...
so it was the perfect place to stop
for a yummy birthday dinner
before cycling home!!
& to top it all off,
we went to visit this...
Our new hot vacation spot!
(well new to us)
Our travelling camper trailer!
When the girls climbed inside
they took over
like only twin two and a half year olds can!
Look out Dempster & Top Of The World...
here comes the FitzGeralds!
After a full day of family fun and adventure,
tired, happy and old & a half, we climbed into bed!
What a great day
By the way...
according to Sarah Grace
our Mountains are
Old and a half
Adelaide, Sarah & Mummy


Judy said...

Happy Birthday Sean!! Love the pics! Looks like you guys had a great time!!


dance adelaide said...

wow, some great photos, your kids are adorable!