Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's been a busy weekend with friends & family!
In fact, up until yesterday,
I thought it had been one of my favourites
on record!
But, today took the cake...
It is Mother's Day
I just happen to be Mum to
THE most two amazing girls
& partner (& wife) to a rather fantastic fella :)
Together they gave me just what I wanted...
a family day & more specifically,
a trip to
Crocus Hill
This is what it looked like!

The carpet of purple was endless
and the mountains stunning...

My family, as always,
was a treat to hang out with

I LOVE Wild Crocuses!
I LOVE my family!
I LOVE being Mum!
I think purple
just became my favourite colour!


Judy said...

Stunningly beautiful pictures!!! Loved them!

I answer to "Mum" said...

LOL Wow Judy! You were on that post with lightning speed! Now you have to go back & re-read the updated version with spelling & grammer corrections ;) By the By, I need a new post from YOU !!!!!!!

Meandering Michael said...

BEAUTIFUL shots!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the pics of you Heather. Glad to see that you are "obeying" my suggestion.