Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Finally it arrived!
Honestly, I didn't think they could
take another night of waiting
as their anticipation mounted...
for their first kick at Trick-or-Treating!!

Brenda's was the first house...safe and familiar.

Here they practiced their "Tricks"
Sarah sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"
Adelaide blew her whistle...
The delight of their first Jack-O-Lantern
was magical...

and their building confidence
made me proud!

Sarah took it all with quiet excitement while
Adelaide had no time for photos....there was another house just next door
and chances were, they'd have candy there too!!

It was fun to watch our little Giraffe approach
the strange things...and discouver the magic of Hallween!

We had a blast, as a family, going from house to house...

and Sean & I could not have been
more proud of our litle troopers...
They took great joy in singing & entertaining folks
and remembered their manners, at every stop,
without ever the need of a reminder or prompt!
I loved this Jack-O-Lantern
It was full of humour & personality

And finally, we reached the last house...
Here, our friend took us in, warmed us up

and entertained us with live music
while Daddy went to pick up the truck!
I was extremely grateful for this welcome!

With bags full of candy and toes toasty warm,
it was off to the community bomb fire!

Where the sky filled with magic!

The fireworks were splendid,
though, they proved to be too much for Adelaide.
She retreated to the truck with Daddy
where the booming noise was tempered
and once safely snugged in, she had a grand time yelling "BOOM!"
with every explosion of light & colour~

Sarah, on the other hand, was front & centre,
gazing into the night sky with a look of awe that
truly defies any worthy description!
After every explosion,
she asked me,
"Is there more?"
Much to her delight,
the show lasted a very long time!

Much to my delight,
they survived their first Halloween
with flying colours...
In fact,
the very next morning they announced
"It's Trick-Or-Treat day again!"


WOW...365 days must
feel like an eternity,
at least, to Princesses & Giraffes.


Anonymous said...

hi girl

glad to see your little ones they look so cute
you must be very happy you look great

take care girl


Cassie said...

What a cute giraffe and an adorable princess. Halloween = success this year! Great memories!