Monday, November 1, 2010

My 45th Birthday brought many surprises
and each was wonderful!

Sean & I drove to Whitehorse & if the mountains were not enough to sooth the senses, three moose were there to pull up the slack!

And while Sean was to drive to the airport to pick up a package
while I was in an appointment,
he failed to tell me that the package was being hand delivered!!
What an awesome surprise to be greeted by non other than....
the infamous UNCLE IAN (aka: the delivery boy)!!!
Upon our return home, we had just enough time to
get dinner fixings together & head back out the door!
Friends gathered to enjoy candle light and laughter
our family's favourite spot, Kathleen Lake :)
I was excited to make Grandee's scrumptious
Carrot Cake, because in doing so,
I was honouring on an age old Dodds' tradition...
and Adelaide & Sarah did a fantastic job of
decorating it, don't you agree??!!
(oh tasted as if you'd baked it yourself:)

The day that followed was just as awesome!
Ian pulled out his guitar & played & played & played
much to the delight to all !!
Adelaide & Sarah absorbed every note, and danced...
Music is magic & this very important detail is not
lost to my two girls thanks, largely in part, to their marvelous Uncle!
There is nothing like family!!
If you look closely, at the photo above,
you'll see Adelaide playing along with her much cherished whistle
(of course...a gift from her Uncle Ian!)

The visit was all too short.
Heck...with the abundance of new snow on the ground
(yet another birthday surprise, from Ol' Jack Frost)
I was starting to wonder if the family visit might be extended...
In the end, Aunt 'Reen & Uncle Ian did make their way
down the wintery roads.
In my little cabin, back to it's quiet state
only the girls & I at home...
I found the space somewhat empty.
I always do at the end of a family visit!
It isn't my own need for their company,
though I do love each of them ,
it is my overwhelming need to see my children
wrapped in the folds of family...

My girls are so loved,
and for that, I am eternally grateful.

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Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Looks like a perfect birthday! Happy Birthday!!