Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Christmas Tree

We drove down the road a ways until we found
a patch of pretty trees...
This is the one that Sarah picked out!
She thought it would make the
perfect indoor Christmas Tree!
Thankfully we were able to interest her in something
a bit more manageable !
Being the handyman that he is...
Daddy was able to get it into the cabin
and secure it just so :)
Being the three year olds they are,
the girls went straight to work decorating!
Ornaments from Aunt 'Reen were unwrapped &
hung with care
Ornaments from Grandee & Grandad
found their way onto the tree too!!

After a time, we were all able to stand back &
admire the world's most beautiful
Christmas Tree!!

It was all so much fun that we couldn't stop there...
SO...up stairs we went :)
We found the perfect spot for
a second, perfect & slightly smaller, tree
at the foot of their bed,
on top of Grandma FitzGerald's cedar trunk!
Adelaide & Sarah could not have been more pleased!
They had their OWN tree!!
And if they were really very good...
maybe Santa would even leave something under IT!!!

this was the beginning of our family


Betty said...

Your tree looks lovely Heather.....and the real thing! The children sure love to do the decorating.
Hope you had a great Christmas and have made a good start to the new year. Do you get out much during winter? It's been very hot here and I close everything up in the mornings to keep the house cool. It reached 35 celcius on Friday...too hot for me! We have been lucky to get a bit of a cool breeze in the evenings when I can open doors and windows to cool things down a bit before the next day's heat.
The floods in Queensland have been devastating. They are just beginning to subside now and the full extent of the damage will be awful to see. The rivers up there are so wide and with all of the drought-breaking rain that has fallen since late last year and into Jan. they have spread far and wide. Some of the rivers reached heights of 9 metres plus.
Hard to believe that there were 10 years of drought preceding this event!
All the best to you and Shaun and the girls from us here.

Betty said...

Oops, sorry Sean!

Betty said...

Floods update on my blog.