Friday, January 28, 2011

Time for an update...

Mighty Machine Backhoe Drivers eat
Hot dogs smothered in,
crunchy peanut butter
smoothy peanut butter
ketchup (from two different bottles)
cream cheese
and they LOVE it!!
(While the Mum, I might add, is grossed out!!)

Durham, a rather adorable & some what shy fellow,
wiggled his way into the cabin
with a mysterious limp...
I think he was just faking it
to get closer to Teddy!!
All is well after a few days on a cozy couch ;)

Christmas parties never slowed these two down
and they looked beautiful!
In fact, they both looking like little girls :)

Christmas Eve finally arrived & they had a grand time...everything was ready
& Santa was on his way!!

Even Wellington wasn't about to be
caught awake when jolly old St Nick arrived!!

And it was a good thing...
because when Santa slipped down our chimney
he was carrying a rather large sack,
or so it appeared when we rose the next morning
to a tree buried in wrapped boxes & things!

With all that Santa left under the tree,
the snow globes were from me (Mummy) ...
and they created magical moments
that warmed my heart!!

Dyson sent the girls boxes full of
colourful letters & numbers!
I'd bet he didn't expect a dump-truck would be the
back drop for his wonderful gift ;)

Zio Marci & Zia 'Leen seem to know a thing or two
about 3 year olds!
These awesome kaleidoscopes
were a smash hit
(in fact, the girls had to wait their turn while Mum & Dad played first!!!)

Now, can you believe Santa knew that
Adelaide loves to bake muffins??

Heck, he even knew that Sarah loves princes crowns!
What a mysterious little elf he must be!

Now this was precious!
The girls wanted to give Daddy a

and so they did ;)
He was a good sport & put it on right away...
I honestly thought the girls were going to burst
when they saw him in it !!
I can't imagine Christmas ever being

this much fun again!!
But hey,

with Adelaide & Sarah in my life
everything just keeps getting better!

& from his new Christmas bed,
Dear Old Wellington
couldn't agree more


Some Other
Favourite Moments...

(My Dad took this very same photo of me some 43 years ago!)


Boxer's First Aid Providers
Alex (15 years & 10 months)
having just received two thumbs up
from Dr Michelle


Betty said...

Hi Heather!
What a great Christmas you have had. You've caught all those great moments. Love the expressions on faces, even the dogs. Daddy looks very cute in his gift :)
The girls look sweet in their hand knitted tops. I've been wondering how the weather is treating you. I can't imagine it beeing so cold there when we're experiencing temps in the high 30'sC (around 100F).
Thanks for your comments on my recent post. I thought that poem would resonate with you.

Heather, aka: Mum said...

Thanks Betty!! I think I'm a bit crazy with the camera ;) Adelaide has now taken on the shutter bug!! She is forever reaching for the camera & has figured out how to turn it on & snap away!!!!!!
I'm glad you noticed the sweaters!! Another "Betty" knit the blue one (she has kept the girls in the finest sweaters since they were born!!) and the ivory one was knit for my oldest sister when she was two, making that sweater, 47 years old!! It warms my heart every time I put these on the girls!!
As for the weather...we keep going from a deep freeze to a spring thaw...back & forth boack & forth, bewteen -40 & has been a very crazy winter that way! last night it was -28 & tomorrow they are calling for +6 again! It makes me wonder what we will get for a summer, when it finally rolls around again!
Cheers...and keep dry ;)