Saturday, October 13, 2012

Our Thanks Giving Weekend
was filled with tons of fresh air,
beautiful scenery
and an abundance of smiles.
I dare say, it my was my
 favourite Thanks Giving ever!
Oh, and of course,
there was TONS of great food
and friends to share it with :)
Starting with a beautiful pink sunrise
 over the mountains just out our front window,
was a great way to start the weekend together :)
And finding out that the mukluks that I
bought for Adelaide actually fit her,
sure added to the happy vibes!
Then it was time...
we headed out to the kennel
to move the dogs over
to their new property!
While I wasn't sure
how the dogs would like this
part of the adventure,
it all went well :)
both, kids and dogs alike,
had a blast!
Starah was full of kisses
along with the rest of the gang!
and Taz was over the moon excited
about the truck ride
Adelaide and Sarah scoped out the new pen
and played in the tall grass,
 exploring all of the
secret hiding places that could be found
while Dad set up the dog houses. 
The girls were full of smiles 
so much so that
Sean and I kept taking moments...
moments to savour
the sights and sounds of their
The girls play so well together...
When watching them,
I often wonder
what it must be like to have
a built in best friend,
and I'm reminded
just how grateful I am to have twins
and just when I thought
they had played themselves out... 
they found the energy
to get back up again
and help Dad
prepare another
dog spot
and to goof around with me...
dancing in our sun-shadows 
with the camera.
It really was an awesome
weekend to move the dogs
to their new kennel.
The sun was shining and
the scenery there is stunning
no matter what the day!
In fact,
I couldn't resist nestling down into
my own bit of grass
and getting lost in the warmth of the sun
under the mountains, with
the sound of the girls giggling
in the background...
and the dogs
were equally excited about
the new smells
the fresh grass
and the endless stream of hugs
 Adelaide was very keen
to ensure that all safety measures were
well in place for the move...
While Dad handled the dogs,
she stayed back at the truck,
and kept a close eye on the locks and latches
so that nobody got out
before it was their turn :)
That girl
continues to amaze me with her
confidence around the dogs
and the unconditional love that
she bestows upon them!!
 And it never fails...

those dogs ALWAYS reward her by
returning that same
ease and affection :)
Once the dogs were settled,
we headed back to the house. 
Next, it was off to visit our new neighbours... 
What a HOOT!!
I can already hear it,
"Mum, Dad, can we get a GOAT" ?
I've got to tell you...
dang, those little critters are cute !!
Heck, Cute enought to consider...
just not today ;)

Oh, alright,  one more doggie photo
...just because! ;) 
 After leaving Will & Kate (the goats)
it was time to explore
our new yard
out behind the house!
Both Adelaide & Sarah Grace
were thrilled with THIS find!
 Notice the size of this tree root?
It's  HUGE!
Actually Dad missed out on our
hike to visit the goats
so, we made a point of
taking him back there
the very next day and
introduced him to Will and Kate
 and  this tree!!
It was fun to watch the girls
lead their Dad on a grand adventure :) 
They were SO proud to show him
 how they could find their way!
Together, I think we found the beginnings of a
new magic trail back there!
That, in itself, went a long way in making this
place feel more like home  :)
This was a "moment"...
while walking through the forest,
  armed with a twinkle in her eye,
my beautiful Sarah stopped and
draped her dress over her head :)
How I wish my girls could stay
four forever...
At the end of the weekend
this strange little cloud
caught our eyes.
It was off the back deck when
 being kissed by the light of sunset...

It struck me,
What a great end to our wonderful
family filled
Thanks Giving weekend!!

I've so much
to be thankful for this year :)
Hope yours was just as magical