Friday, July 30, 2010

After cleaning the campground,
nothing like a bit of beach time
to bring out
their shining smiles...
Adelaide loves to throw rocks into the water.
She could spend HOURS entertaining
herself finding
the heart shaped ones!!
This day, the wind was
blowing SO hard that
Sarah's ringlets were being blown
Now THAT is a strong wind!
Kathleen Lake would been filled in
if I let these two
spend a whole day on the shore!
What really got me,
was that they insisted on walking in the water!!
The girls didn't even flinch at the
icy temperature of the glacial water
in this mountain lake!
Only Yukon kids would ever be willing to splash
in these waters...
Drying off in the Kitchen Shelter
sure brought out
more (and warmer) smiles
They never cease to amaze me...
they are always stuck to each other!
It was so warm & cozy in the shelter,
with the sunshine pouring
in through the big windows...
and the sound of the wind blowing outside
made if feel even more cozy in there!
Funny, no matter where we are,
I can never seem to get
enough ...
photos of
beautiful faces...
besides...with you living so far away...
nothing like a place for you to follow them as they grow...
wish you were here...


Maureen said...

Love those last two pictures - and their Crocs. Miss you girls!

Aunt 'Reen

Heather, aka: Mum said...

Hi Maureen! here is our afternoon smile :)
From Adelaide: "I love you Aunt 'Reen!"
Sarah Grace: "Love you!"
(I love those two shots too...their personalities seem to jump of the screen in them :)

Betty said...

Lovely pics of your beautiful girls.

EmAr said...

You have the most photogenic kids!

Heather, aka: Mum said...

Hey friend! They get it from their DAD! Did you know that man of mine modeled in his youth!