Saturday, July 31, 2010

This dialogue just took place between
Adelaide & Sarah.
As Sarah rhymed off the items,
Adelaide carefully wrote each one down
on her shopping list...
A - What we need?
S - Chocolate soup!
A - Oh ya! What else we need?
S - Marshmallows for the camper
A - What we need?
S - Ice for the camper
A - What else we need?
S - Crackers
A - Crackers...What else we need?
S - Cheese
A - Cheese...What we need?
S - A computer
A - What else we need?
S - A brand new house!
A - A brand new house? (she writes it down)
What we need?
S - A wall
A - OK...What else we need?
S - A camera
A - Oh we need paper and a pencil!
(pause) Help me Sarah!!
S - Ummm...We need pants...
Some how the list just came to an abrupt end...
I guess they feel that they have
everything else they need!
Now they are drinking apple juice.
Adelaide asked Sarah if she'd like more &
Sarah came back with...
are you ready for this?...
I'm not finished my wine yet!
Where DO they come up with these things??


Betty said...

Ah yes......the necessities of life!
Don't go sneaking that apple juice!

Must be great to be a twin....having a good friend, someone to play with
and love who understands you so well.

Pedro Garcia Millan said...
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