Thursday, August 5, 2010

This is an example of a
welcomed guest!
A week or so ago, 50,000 lbs of Sockeye Salmon
were making there way south on the Alaska Highway.
The transport truck carrying them turned over.
All on ice & neatly gutted,
they waited for the locals to claim them...
This is the only one we got but...
I'd call this fish,
a welcomed guest
in my humble cabin ;)
What a shining example of road kill
I'm good with that
This is an example of
unwelcomed guests!
This has been the best summer for bugs ever,
but the worst for wasps!
Everyone is getting stung &
these huge nests are cropping up everywhere!
They are nesting under decks
in dog houses
under garbage cans
and in the ground!
Stepping outside of the cabin is like
stepping onto a battle field!
The ground actually hums from first thing in the morning
till bed time rolls around
and what is even more horrible...
and they have taken over my lettuce & spinach beds!
Now that is WAR!
God love the propane torch
that Sean lights up to greet these most
unwelcomed guests!
Wether it be 50,000 lbs of Sockeye or
billions of angry wasps,
it just backs up the saying...
Larger Than Life"


Anonymous said...

I am enjoying your blog. Too bad you didn't get more salmon. Good idea about the touch for the wasps.

Heather, aka: Mum said...

Thanks Bruce! It's funny to think that anyone unrelated to me visits here! But, I'm happy to welcome you!!
We'd have LOVED to have scored more fish! Some folks picked up hundreds of lbs for their families...too bad we didn't know about it till it was too late! BUT we are very gratefull to the generous soul that shared her take with us & the rest of the gang at work! We'll get three meals out of our one fish!

I had a chance to breifly visit your photography! How fun! I'd LOVE to have a better camera & be able to do someting with mine to! There is something very yummy about a great shot isn't there!?

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Damn! Why can't a salmon truck overturn closer to Faro?? Looks delicious!

And we are having a horrible year for wasps here too. However, our nests seem to be in the ground and I cannot get rid of them for the life of me!

Heather, aka: Mum said...

I think it was the last of the salmon on my plate the other night...Oh so Yummy! We're off to Haines to go fishing soon & I'm crossing my fingers that we cme home with the back of the truck LOADED! I'd be one happy gal canning away in my cabin!!

As for the wasps...theya re in the ground here too...they are SO bad that a few weekends ago I would not let the girls go outside...the ground literallly HUMMS, SO...the tiger toarch provides great satisfaction when buring the paper nests BUT trying to find the ground nests is nest to impossible! Seems, in the Yukon, if it isn't the mosquitoes, it's SOMETHING!