Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The end of March is here...

& as we bid it a fond farewell, it's time to welcome Spring to the Canadian North! And what a welcome it is!!!

At long last, we are outdoors enjoying the feel on the sun on our faces, light vests & splash pants are the choice of the day while the girls investigate fresh moose tracks at the foot of the driveway

Our neighbouring moose has been homesteading beside our cabin for weeks now. Here, she made her way into the brush leaving her impressive tracks through the deep snow for us to enjoy!!

And Sarah finds that one of the moose tracks on the snowbank's edge makes a perfect princess throne!

Spring must be here...this is the last of the fuel for this season! Heck, we've been letting the stove go cold during the daytime...Hitting +10'c during the afternoon has been simply awesome!!

And the snow fleas are everywhere!! If you'd told me, a mere 6 years ago, that little black jumping bugs would make me this happy I'd have thought your were crazy!! Yuppers....Here I stand....lovin' those little buggies!! The girls, on the other hand, aren't so convinced that snow fleas are cute ;)

New willow buds are everywhere too... or at least, where the moose haven't browsed!

Spruce cones are abundant... no, not a sign of the changing season but, they are pretty in the sunshine aren't they?

The Spring clean up has started too...Finally, at long last, the Christmas Trees are dragged to the burn pile!! The best part of it all is, this Spring, we have helping hands!

And Wellington happily drags the girls down the Horse Trail!

While the bikes that we haven't seen in months...

finally melt out of the snow, much to the delight of Adelalide & Sarah!
What once was ice, has turned to puddles just big enough for two!

and the puddles are proving to be irresistible!

And the reclaimed water pails are a necessity...

And with rubber boots replacing the warmer winter versions, I know Spring has truly arrived :)


And for the record...if there was a photo of me in this post you'd see the spring tan that I'm sporting right now! Oh photo this time around'll just have to trust me I'm LOVING the return of the SUN & PLUS temperatures!

Friendly note to all bitting bugs:

You are NOT invited to my party so go elsewhere to feast & breed!!

This is MY neck of the woods!!

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Betty said...

Heather, it's great to see you're enjoying such lovely sunshine.
I can't get over how much the girls have changed and grown! They're beautiful and I know how much joy they bring you and Sean.
Love all of your photos. Have a great spring.