Monday, March 21, 2011

Who ever thought
practical could be so stylish?
Well, thanks to everyone else
Sean & I have little ones that
are not only cozy warm, but also
the Best Dressed Girls in the North!
Just take a look at them...
On the Magic Trail

Adelaide has Teddy tucked in safe & sound

Sarah has such an awesome smile :)
These beautiful sweaters arrived about a week a go!
Betty has been knitting for Adelaide & Sarah
since they were born!
Not a day goes by that the girls aren't in something that
she has lovingly made with her own hands!
People use to ask,
"Oh my, did YOU make those beautiful sweaters?"
They now exclaim,
"Oh my, Betty has been knitting again!"
These sweaters have been admired by the entire community
but no more than by my own family!

Sarah's curls NEVER cease to amaze me!
Another parcel arrived some time ago :)
Joanne & Liz sent up these awesome & very cheerful
Alpaca sweaters! They are not only beautiful, and FUN,
they are also WARM!!!
Hummm...the winter vests that will be a staple this spring
were also from these much loved women!
many more photos to come as spring allows us to get out more more!!

Adelaide consentrates on a craft at the library
An oldie but a goodie ;)
This sweater has lived through years of use!
Adelaide's cousins wore this more years ago than
Aunt Karen probably wants to admit to!
Kept in mint condition,
it has been passed down to us & we love it...
not only because it is practical & purple BUT,
it is from family...
Guess I'm still a bit of a sentimental gal ;)

"Marble Cheese"
For everyday use...I can't help but pull these two gems out!
Grandee & Grandad picked these two Alpaca pullovers
up at the Royal Winter Fair!
They are Northern to a tee ;)
If only I could get a set of these for
every growth spurt the girls have!
With a black turtleneck, their blond locks standout &
their faces are are perfectly framed...
I can't help but be in complete awe over the beauty
of my two girls...But then again
they DO come by it honestly...
you should see their Grand Mothers...
Now THERE are two incredibly stunning women!!
(oddly though...dark haired beauties!)
My two favourite faces :)
Hey Zia 'Leen...
Notice the jewellery??
Thanks to Aunt 'Reen...I'm being brave now-a-days
and letting the girls were there treasures ;)
Kisses are the best XOXO
So yes,
they are warm, cozy & beautiful....
but what warms MY heart is
the fact that they are
best friends!
Even Mousie braves the Yukon winter
in her cozy sweater of white fur!!


Wandering Spirit Kennels said...

What beautiful little girls! They would look lovely wearing any old rag, but they look particularly spectacular in such lovingly-crafted, pretty sweaters!

Heather, aka: Mum said...

Thanks T!! It's been so very long since we bumped into you!! Isn't it amazng just how fast they have grown up! You should see them with the really is amazing to see just how gentle & confident these two little 3 year olds are!!

Hope you've had a stellar winter with your furry family :)