Monday, March 21, 2011

Yukon Winter Snippets...

Hockey on Kathleen Lake

Daddy & Sarah making a puck out of dog booties

Cutting & loading the all important firewood

Daddy, taking time out from wood cutting, to play
"Ring Around The Rosie"

Adelaide, hanging out with Wellington,
in a special outfit selected by her very own independent self...

and Wellington,
who is always making the perfect pillow for his beloved Adelaide,
sleeps peacefully in the warmth of our cabin :)
A magpie takes flight outside our picture window

Daddy hits the trails for a much needed break
from his long hours of work!

Sarah Dog looks as beautiful as always...
Now, THIS one I couldn't resist....
While Packing for Whitehorse,
Wellington made it abundantly clear that
he was feeling left out!
Did he honestly think I'd not notice
a big furry Springer in my suitcase?
There is something endearing about those
droopy eyes, isn't there?

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