Monday, February 14, 2011

Last night the
true spirit of this gruelling race
shone through in the dark!
Hans Gatt #13

Sebastian Schnuelle # 11
Hans & Sebastian are two mushers
that we know & respect.
In the dark of night
Sebastian came across Hans
in a rather difficult &
extremely dangerous predicament!
Seasoned dog mushers,
in fact two of the best the world,
they were able to work together
to keep both themselves &
all of the dogs safe from harms way...
but, I dare say, Lady Luck
was hanging around with them too!!
Hans' team & sled broke through
a thin skim of ice, dropping them into chest deep overflow...
icy cold & potentially deadly water.
Sebastian was on his tail so,
he was able to join Hans' quest to
save the dogs & get to safty.
I can't imagine how long it took the two men
to haul the dogs out of the water
and retreive Hans' sled before they could
get themselves to the security of dry land!
But, once there, Sebastian apparently built
a fire & assisted in getting Hans dry.
It was said that they even made dry boots,
for Hans, out of dog blankets burlap & necklines!!
And of course, Sebastian stayed with his friend.
Apparently, after an hour
they left the warmth of their fire &
headed back onto the trail.
Sebastian can likely kiss
a second place finish goodbye
along with Hans...
but all that really matters, today,
is that they are all safe!!
I dearly hope that Susan Rogan
(Hans' Sweetie) does something special
for Sebastian this Valentine's Day
Here is the link to the original article on the Yukon Quest website...
Well done Sebastian :)
May Lady Luck give you
wings over Eagle Summit!

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Betty said...

What a race! Congratulations to the winner, but how close it was! Sebastian almost made it to first!
And what drama during the race. It's been an eye-opener for me to follow via the web site and your comments Heather. Those videos on the 'Yukon Quest' site really make you feel more involved. Amazing mushers and dogs!
Thanks so much for posting about the race. It's been great to follow and an education for me.