Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Aunt 'Reen's visit through the eyes of
Adelaide Anne

Sarah, hanging out in their hotel room!!

Aunt 'Reen relaxing with her tea

Aunt 'Reen taking care of her girls
(nice shot Adelaide!!)

Teddy, having a much needed nap
at the Westmark

Stellar photo of Sarah...
Seems Adelaide is getting a good handle
on this photography thing ;)
Aunt 'Reen's visit
through her own eyes
Her two room mates!
It's amazing just how quiet they are
when they are sleeping ;)
Chatting it up with Uncle Ian on the cell phone...
Main St, Whitehorse.
Riding the glass elevator
in the Elijah Smith Building, Whitehorse.
Walking the Magic Trail,
close on the heel of the
Chocolate Smartie Gobblin!!
(who just so happens to poop yummy treats)
Me, making Aunt 'Reen some
yummy homemade bread
(and sticky buns!)


Aunt Maureen said...


Glad you put that photo of you on the blog - I like it. Nice apron too. The bread was excellent toasted. mmm
I had a great weekend with my two new roomates. We had a lot of fun reading books, trying on clothes and putting on make up. Oh wait - that is in 10 years. Good photos Adelaide, especially the ones of your sister the princess. See you soon. xoxox

Love Aunt 'Reen

Anonymous said...

Waouhhhh!!! Always when i look your pictures the girls looks taller. They grow up so fast. There is a picture of Sarah where she looks wondefull with her long hair and amazing blue eyes. I love an other pictures with adelaide, she looks so funny i laugh when i saw this one!!!
And you Heather you look beautifull at the last picture. Did you put some make up? your eyes looks awesome.

It's great that aunt'Reen came often to see you.

Love you

see you


Heather, aka: Mum said...

Ahhhhh Angie :) youa re so sweet! Infact I think I DID have a bit of makeup on my eyes ;) The girls ARE growning & they are so much fun to hang out with!! Today it is very warm so the tree of us walked around the magic trail twice...Wellington jooned us & he was SO happy!
Wish you were here my friend, I love you & miss you!!

Judy said...

Beautiful, beautiful pics! Love them! It is so wonderful that you are diligent in keeping your blog up to date. I love to see what you all are up to; looks like Aunt Reen had a great time as did the girls!