Saturday, February 5, 2011

And they're off...
It was the start of the
Yukon Quest today!
The sidelines were filled with
Yukoners, Visitors & Friends alike
and the sun shone down
on the lot of us :)
The dogs could not
have looked happier nor,
more ready for
the adventure waiting!

And now,
with the countdown behind them,
all we can do is wait...
wait for news of their progress...
of their trials & tribulations...
wait for their arrivals
into the check points
wait for anything
wait for something
wait for the finish line...
...And wait, we will !!


Betty said...

Hi Heather!
This looks so exciting! What fantastic photos. Makes me feel part of it, except for the cold. Lovely blue sky and sun makes everything look so colourful. The dogs sure look eager to get started. I looked up the "Yukon Quest" site and read lots of great info. Even able to see the current standings! This internet certainly makes life more interesting :) Do the dogs wear feet covers mainly for the cold and/or the terrain? Also, I imagine they must race during the night...if so, how do they find their way?
Thanks so much for bringing me into another amazing part of your world. Great to see the girls rugged up and taking it all in. Was that you in the first pic. and Sean in third last?

Betty said...

I meant Sean in the fourth last!

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

ahahah I think you need some new sleds for your girls!!

Heather, aka: Mum said...

Hi Betty!!!
WOW! I was pretty excited to read that you have looked up the Quest website! One of the great things about this event is the learning opportunity all mushers & handlers have, working with such a great vet team! The vets are on hand prior to the race & throughout the entire trail! Infact, all dogs are checked at the checkpoints & if there is any concern the vets are on top of it right away! I handled for Sean a few years ago & it was a wonderful experience! I hope you saw wthe photos of the Northern Lights on the website! I'm sad I missed out on THAT sight!!!
I do not know who that is in the first photo!! But, becasue of your asking, I've added a new post of ME ;) Because I'm always beimd the camera, there are only rare images of me! As for that handsome blond fella, YUP, that's my guy :) :) :)
I'm truely thrilled that you've been drawn into the magic of the Yukon Quest!!
Here are my favourites
Hans Gatt
Michelle Phillips
Sabastian Shnulle
SO...pick your own & follow them through ;) It's loads of fun!!

Heather, aka: Mum said...

Oh Kara!! You should see them on their dogsled! It is SOOOOO cute!!!
Thank goodness Sean packed the little blue sleds for the start line, the girls never would have survived otherwise!!!