Monday, February 7, 2011

I don't often
post photos of me so,
here I am :)
In keeping with the Yukon Quest...
Me, handling a pretty little blue eye's pup
at the Vet Check,
Yukon Quest 2009
One of the wonderful Vets
giving a Quest dog her mandatory check up
just prior to race day!
Again, me, handling the dog,
while two others are close at hand,
one being the musher and
the other, a volunteer
writing down all of the vet's findings

This year, on the side lines,
I'm standing near the end of the start chute
trying to keep Adelaide from
running out in front of the on-coming teams,
while a friend holds Sarah!!
Interestingly, (for me anyways!)
to the left, and partially hidden by the Official,
there is another set of
twin girls with their Mum...
I keep hearing there is something
in the water up here!
Maybe it's true
Although it was great fun to be present for the
Yukon Quest 2011 start,
in two years time when the Mushers
take off from Whitehorse again
(the starts go back & forth between The Yukon & Alaska)
I hope to be back in the thick of it again!
As we all know, volunteering is great fun
& it makes great things happen!!

1 comment:

Betty said...

Great to see those photos of you Heather! I can see where the girls get that 'twinkle' in their eyes from:)
In the race, are Hugh and Hans locals? I think I'll go for Kelley Griffin....she seems to be doing well among the girls.