Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Last week Aunt Maureen flew North
for a much needed visit...
Sean was working in Whitehorse for a few days
and the Yukon was hosting the start of the
Yukon Quest 1000 Mile Dog Sled Race!
We rolled it all into a mini family holiday
To start things off on the right foot
Adelaide greeted me with a breakfast in bed of
every Mummy's dream,
water & apple sauce & a morning smile ;)

The presentation was awesome...

and every bite was wonderful...
Here I am enjoying my breakfastAlign Center!
(photo compliments of Daddy)
There were plenty of power snuggles with
their much loved Aunt 'Reen!
The lot of them on the magic trail hunting for
Chocolate Smartie Goblin Poop!
(notice what happens when you step off the beaten path?
You are one awesome trooper Aunt 'Reen!)

"Could there be more chocolate poop here"??

An indoor break was taken to work on their
colouring between the lines ;)
Looks to me like they are rather talented !!
Our first Ladies' Lunch!

From afar, Zia 'Leen & Aunt Margaret
treated us to a special lunch
even thought they couldn't be with us...
It certainly will be a day to rejoice
when we can all be together again!
It was so fun to see the girls all dressed up
and having fun with their Aunt!

This Princess's eyes twinkle whenever
cookies are involved ;)
And the sprinkles only served to

double the twinkle factor!!

Now THIS is a face of sheer delight
with a wee pinch of mischief in those eyes ;)

THANKS Zia 'Leen & Aunt Margaret!
Wish you'd been here too!!

After our ladies' lunch it was time to
run a few quick errands & then
hit the airport.
Now, Aunt 'Reen is a huge part of
Adelaide's & Sarah's life
and she does her best to visit as often as possible,
so saying good bye isn't so easy...
Adelaide was devastated and wouldn't give her a kiss.
I think she thought that if she wouldn't say good-bye
maybe Aunt 'Reen wouldn't really leave...
Sarah just got quietly sad.
My heart broke to see my girls this way...
But, at the same time,
my heart was filled with a gratefulness
that this woman has embraced
her neices, who just so happen to be, my world!
on the drive home
a plane flew over head
with the sunset illuminating it's con-trail.
Sarah & Adelaide spotted it before I did &
they both announced with an enthusiasm
only three year olds could muster,
"There is Aunt 'Reen's plane!!"
They both waved, hoping that she'd see them...
When they asked me to
confirm it really was her plane
I said...
"I'm sure it is!"
I didn't know if I should laugh or cry...
So instead, I pulled off the highway &
took a photo of her flying home to
Uncle Ian, Kramer, London, Ryan & Neil ...
and made a mental note that
I'd post it here as soon as possible...
It was a moment that mattered!

The girls never did sleep on the drive home
which is rare...
they ALWAYS sleep on that drive!
And something struck me...
seeing Aunt 'Reen's plane,
oddly, seemed to cheer them up...
When we got home they were in high spirits,
full of hugs & giggles!!
I guess they are learning that
that plan always brings Aunt 'Reen back!
Thanks for the visit
Aunt 'Reen...
We can't wait till you're back
in your Yukon home!!