Monday, November 10, 2008

Adelaide's 1st Birthday Report !!!

Adelaide here...
Today is my sister's & my Birthday! We are ONE today :) Much to our parents surprise...all four of us survived! It seems SOOOO long ago that we were in Mummy's tummy. We came a bit early because we just couldn't wait to meet our new friends & family!
Yesterday was our party...Mum worked really hard to make the cabin all pretty while Daddy fussed over the dog yard...he just CAN'T stand the thought of our friends (and fellow mushers) seeing any dog poop out there...I'm not sure why....

The Cabin smelled of yummy things all day & night while we were getting ready for the party...There was Mummy's Moose Chili on the stove & Grandee's Carrot Cake in the oven...Mrs Peacocks' brownies were next into the oven...and our friend Katrine made a German Apple Cake for us too...What were the adults thinking? We are ONE & our tummies haven't grown THAT big yet!!! Silly grown ups!!
We were going to take friends out dog mushing but it was rather chilly outside...Daddy had a hard time getting the trail groomed too so, we'll take them another day...the season is just getting started so we have plenty of time for dogs games this winter!!

No was time to wake up Mummy & Daddy & get the party started! As you can see Wellington helped Sarah & me!!

Breakfast was exciting!! Cheerios with my sister...we shared !!

I could not have been more excited!!
I heard Mum & Dad talk about PRESENTS !!!!! COOL!!!

Even Sarah was all pumped up about the party .... We couldn't wait!!!

Mum finished icing the cake...Fisher (our friend) got to lick the beaters...He's old enough for that now, he's TWO!!

While Fisher had his yummy treat, it was time for the Birthday Girls to start opening presents!! Ripping paper is SOOO much should try it!!

Even Sarah had fun with that! We helped each other because that's what twin sisters do...I think...

I'm really glad we invited Fisher...he is SOOO Dreamy...Guess what? He said that he is going to marry me!! We're a bit young for that now...but....hummmmmmmmm...we won't be young for ever.....

Isn't he cute???

More presents for Sarah & me!!

Funny, with all of the new toys, Sarah STILL clung to Rattle Pup!! Silly sister!

Nothing like a finger in your ear to signal "Time for CAKE!!"

Except when we got to the table, Sarah fell fast asleep! She was worn out from all of the excitement & NOT from the beer that Auntie Laura placed on her tray! Funny Scottish Auntie... ;-)

Oh...Grandad called me on the phone!! He is a really good singer! He sang "Happy Birthday" to Sarah & me....We just LOVE our Grandad & Grandee!!


(& to think, the grown-ups thought that I couldn't find the bag on the back of my chair!!)

Mummy said I had to read the card FIRST!! It's POLITE ??
What's that mean??

Once Sarah woke up from her power nap, everyone sang to us & we got to eat our cake....Wellington was right there too...

See?? I share EVERYTHING with my buddy Wellington, even my Birthday Cake!!

My Martin put on a bib ...I told him it was probably a good idea!! He looked so handsome in his new red sweater...I didn't want to see him mess it up!! Besides, he told Mummy that it was the last time we'd see him dressed up before my wedding! & I think THAT is a LONG time away!!

& now that I'm ONE I can put on my own hat without any help! See??
(Thanks Uncle Bill & Aunt Mary)

Now THIS is COOL!! It's a stuffy bird, from my crazy Scottish Auntie Laura, that actually sings like a REAL bird... WOW

Sarah really DID have a big day! As soon as our friends left, she just crashed...she just couldn't stay awake any longer! I TRIED to wake her up!
I didn't want to see the party end...but...

It was really dark outside and I was starting to get tired too...I just didn't want all of the fun to end...I TRIED to stay awake...

but in the end...I just couldn't....

Addendum by Sarah Grace:

It was fun tricking Adelaide into thinking I was asleep...
Once she was down for the count, I had all of the new toys to myself!!
MY report to follow...


Meandering Michael said...

I am SO impressed that you two can type so well - and before you're even old enough to eat German Apple Cake!

Judy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH & ADELAIDE!!! Looks like you had a lots of fun!! Wow!! A year sure goes by fast!! Yes, you ARE a very good typer!!!

Elis said...

Happy Birthday to you both! I can't wait until MY first birthday party!
Your friend Elis

Heather (aka Mum) said...

Adelaide here...

Thanks every one!! I AM rataher advanced...or atleast that's what my Mum keeps telling people...She like to brag about us you know ;)

& Michael, I would have eaten the Apple Cake too if the adults would have SHARED! They really DO need to learn a few manors!!

Hay Elis...Cozy warm in the far reaches of the south? When is YOUR big day???