Saturday, November 1, 2008

I'm SO excited.....

Did you know that I happen to live in one of Canada's Quilting Capitals??
There is a saying "When in Rome, do as the Romans"
So...When in the Junction....Quilt!!
Well...I asked the quilting group if they would consider making a "Bug Quilt" for a friend's new baby...much to my excitement & fear, they said yes! Excitement for my friend, fear for myself! You see I'd never made a square before & I was now responsible for producing one...It would be but together with the other 11 blocks that were going to made by MASTER quilters!! Yes...that notion has instilled a certain level of FEAR in me.....
So today was the day!!
I gathered up the endless pieces of stunning & fun fabric that I have been purchasing a bit at a time, and pulled out my ancient Singer that I haven't used in about 15 years (even then, I didn't know how to operate it!!) and off to the meet the group, I went!!
As it turned out....I didn't use my own machine at all....NO...I used THIS lovely & so very forgiving piece of equipment!! As much as Stacie has fallen in love with her Blaze King Princes Ultra, I have given up my heart to this Pfaff!!
Someone should have warned my husband that quilting could be as an expensive hobby as any!! But please help me out if you would...When I start talking about purchasing my own Pfaff....remind him that HE is the one who told me I HAD to go out to the Quilting weekend & to stay as LONG as I wanted!! With out his insistence, I would have stayed home with the children & pureed carrots FAR AWAY from the lure of Marguerite's toys!!
Just remind him of that!! it is!! My Bug!!
I really hope that it measures up to the blocks that the other women have made!! I'm taking Sean & the girls to the group tomorrow to show them what we have made & to pick up my OLD singer.....
Hummmmm.....It will be SOOOO much fun passing this quilt on to this new little baby
PS: I'll try to get a photo of the final work & post it for you to see too!!
Thanks for the Pics Marguerite....
hay...a new Camera & a new sewing machine...My dear husband will never know what hit him!!


Lenny's mom said...

That looks awesome!! I love the colours! Well done!!

Hey, what kind of camera did you get . . .brand & model? I am going to look at a new one tomorrow . . .not quite sure if I'll buy or not, but I am getting itchy for a newer model.

Heather (aka Mum) said...

My God are SUCH an ego booster :):):)

The camera is an Olympis - I don't know the model # but it is the one with 10 megapicals & 20X zoom ! It's been on back order for a while now...Michael at the camera just put my name on one of the ones that he has coming will be under $500. & to get an LRS with less zoom than that, I'd have to spend $2000. Sadly, I checked...Sadly I can't afford that one :(
I AM totally excited about the new olympus though!! You should check it out!!!!!

Heather (aka Mum) said...

so clearly I should wait till morning to respond to anybody!! Did you READ that garbled mess??

Michael is at the camera SHOP...I won't even TRY to re-structure that gramatical disaster & Yes I DID mean SLR not LRS....


dogsled_stacie said...

Blame it on the beer!!!

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Okay- the bug is awesome!!! I read about the super quilters there in the newspaper. Very cool!!

And yes... that sure was a garbled mess! hehehehhe