Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What a view...

There is always a trade off in life...I'm thinking that a view like this is worth having no light switches!!
I can say that now that Sean has worked SO hard to modernize our cabin!! ;-)
No matter, I think I could stand and look at this view for hours!
There is something about the sun when it is somewhere below -20'C. Whatever it lights up comes to life...Notice how low it is in the sky? THAT my friend is as high as it gets these days so ANY exposure to its light is a blessing!

As for the tons of spelling errors & typos...they aren't my fault! Just LOOK at what challenges face me while blogging!!

Adelaide: "Hay what does THIS do??"
Sarah: "Oh No! She just deleted everything, AGAIN!!"
Mummy: "Next time, no time for corrections!!"

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