Friday, March 6, 2009

Another snow filled day!

Our road has been horrible this winter!
There has been so much snow that we've
been down to one lane
& people have been getting stuck!
Once they are stuck, there is no way in & no way out!!
Martin (not "Their My Martin", another one)
came & graded the entire road!
We decided to walk down the drive way
to take a look at the
new & improved road!!

WOW... I never realized just how LONG
our driveway actually is!!
Notice the "You want us to walk HOW far??" look
on Little Adelaide's face?

Nothing like a little break along the way
to cheer you up :)

and a much happier little tyke usually makes for a
much happier adventure ;)

Off we go again!
Sarah is looking for the trail!!

"I found it! It's this way gang!!"

"Just follow MEEEEEEEEE

Tired little feet after a long trek down the drive
deserved a ride:)

Besides, not only did the grader clean
the road up substantially,
it also groomed the big hill for kick sledding!
No time like the present to check it out!!
Sarah was yelling, "Let's GOOOOO!!"
Well if she was old enough to talk,
I'm SURE that's what she
would have been squealing!

I'm glad Daddy took them for the first go around!
Holy's almost TOO fast now!!
You should have seen how far they went!
& there are no rope-tows or T-bars
to get you back to the top!!

The little hill was big enough for me :)

We should get Martin
to groom our hill every weekend!


Even Wellington was having a blast,
thought I think he was
having a hard time keeping up..
Heck, even speedy Duchess
wouldn't have been able to
out run us on this slick stuff!!

With bungee cords for a seat belt
& Courtney, Sarah & William's old snow suits
to keep them warm...
a ton of freshly groomed snow
and toasty -15'C temps...
It was another successful Yukon adventure
at the Fastdogs Kennel!!

Stay tuned
for our next update!

1 comment:

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

They are such cute little puffballs in their snowsuits!

Looks like they had a great time outside. Hunter cries everytime we have to bring him indoors!