Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm getting so big that...

I can put on my own hat!!
I LOVE hats!
They are SOOOO much fun!!

Mummy's old Tilley is just the right fit :)
Well, not quite...but I'm still growing!!
& this knit hat she found at the thrift shop...
SO fashionable...I'm ready for Tofino!

Twin friends came for a visit...
Their hats were rather small
you see my friends are only 7 weeks old...
but trust me
I got those hats on too!
Mummy just wasn't fast enough to get the photo!

Mummy's hat is fun to play Peek-A-Boo with :)

Now this is how you wear
the pink hat from Aunt Maureen...
Mum & Dad just don't get fashion!
They keep putting it on sideways!!

When worn properly, it looks SO pretty!

But then again...
my ears are cozy warm this way...
Maybe Mummy & Daddy
know a thing or two ?
This putting on my own hat thing
is REALLY fun :)

Ready for a hike in Kluane?

If only I hadn't grown out of
my very own Tilley, the one Mrs D gave me!
Oh well...my Daddy said,
"When a little girl
grows out of her favourite hat
it means that her brain is growing"
and Mummy said
my brain is SO big already
that it scares her!!
Do you know what she meant by that?


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Awwww!! They are just getting cuter by the day! Hopefully we can get a visit in with you guys when we head in.

Aunt Maureen said...

Cute hats Adelaide!

Elis said...

That last photos is great - a future Parks interpreter if I ever saw one!