Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Yukon's version of Snow-Men!!

When the sun finally returns to the North...we celebrate!
And what a celebration it is :)
To wonder through a garden of Snow Creatures
when the sun is shining,
is enough to warm the spirit of even
the most frozen soul :)
(remember, all you have to do is click
on any of the photos to make them bigger
if you want a closer look!!)

Team Skagway, Alaska
The tired old minor is oblivious
to the bever who is chewing his wooden leg off!

Team B.C's
Snow Princess is almost as beautiful as my girls
& her palace is perfect!!

Team Manitoba
made me smile :)
Must have taken me back to my TSC days
with paddle in hand :)

Team Ontario
So would those be kittens or pups?
The jury is out but
they are cheerful critters nonetheless.

Team Whitehorse
Whether in flight or on the ground,
it's hard not to love Raven!!

Sundog Carving Centre
Team A
Now here is a beauty queen :)
Perfectly human & all woman!
I think she was my favourite!!

Team Yukon
This bear is cute, no doubt,
but what the heck is he doing?

Team Finland
She is stunning!
I wonder what the Sea Creature will do
if she picks HIS lily?
wouldn't these snow creatures
put a smile on YOUR face too
after a long cold winter?

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