Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I got thinking ...

I got thinking about
the fact that ...
most of you (my family)
spend a major portion of your day on the 401
commuting to & from work, or
driving to your favourite galleries!
While your cars are heated &
built for comfort with stereos,
they serenade you
through the stench of traffic...
Though crash tested, with airbags
and padded leather interiors...
I couldn't help but think
you might like a change of pace...


Hop into my cozy ride...
I'll take you for a spin through MY neck of the woods...
a ride you likely won't forget!

For starters, l'd like to introduce you to the
engine that will power your trip!
This finely tuned machine
was built for speed as well as durability
and it is Eco-friendly too!!

Here you have Alpine...strong & true

Your leaders Ivy & Duchess
reliable & trustworthy!

Beetle would never steer you wrong
& would take a cuddle & a pat
and a piece of raw fish to keep her going!

No need for fossil fuel to run this girl!

And this is Taz! She has a heart of gold...
She might not be a
sleddog by breeding...
but don't tell her that!

& one last look at those beautiful eyes
before we hit my Northern
Oh yes...And this is Sean.
To me, my best friend & husband...
to you, a Brother-in-law, or Son-in-law,
a Brother or an Uncle!
Today he is our driver!

Time to star the engine!
Leaders go first!!
Better hop in
We're ready to go!!
& please DO remember...
hands & feet in all all times!!
& watch for those low branches, would you!!!

Here we go!!

Hummm...a smooth start!!
What a beautiful day!
Doesn't that sun feel glorious?
Notice, there is no CO2 to breath in...
No red lights to disrupt our rhythm...
No traffic jams to hamper your spirit!!

a minor hick-up...
someones tangled a line
(must be one of SEAN's dogs...MINE would never do that ;)

but then again ...
never say never...
Alpine hasn't been in harness before
so a few lessons still have to be learned &
we we are only a few hundred feet down the trail!!

There...all fixed!

and a quick jant to the highway!!
The OLD highway, that is...
today it is nothing more than an
unmaintained road access to our cabin ...

& just look at those mountains!
Wouldn't you rather look at THEM all day
than concrete towers ??

Back on the trail!!
Are you warm enough?
Look at Fiona
(your Wheel dog on the left)
She's checking to see if you are safely tucked in.
Does your luxury car do that??
Ahhhh....soft forest shadows beside us!
Doesn't that beat
thousands of cars & trucks
trying to force their way
into our lane!!
I though you might agree :)

And the team mostly runs on auto pilot!
Though, we wouldn't want to lose our driver!
But then again...who would...He is a sweetie! ;)
Even on these relaxing
cozy mornings,
nothing like a toasty pair of
Lobins to keep your toes warm!
Yes...in the North we name our foot wear too...
just think of Lobins as the Prada of the North!
These Norwegian wool booties are not only
the warmest on the market, they are considered to be
extremely stylish as well!!
The Carhart Bibbed Coveralls are all the rage too!
They are not only good in the dogyard,
they double as dress clothes for most occasions!
Pardon my fashion ramblings...
back to our trail run!! :)

No switching gears on these hills...
but a helping hand from the driver is
usually appreciated!!
Here, you will notice,
Sean is off the runners & running beside the sled...
Hummm....if you & I hopped out
& did the same
we could feel less guilty about that
ice cream waiting for us back at the cabin!
(Heck, I'm good with guilt...how 'bout you?)

Ahhh...almost back!
How can't you LOVE this place!
I've been so excited about showing you this meadow!
Wouldn't a little log cabin
with a smoking chimney stack fit into this
scene perfectly ?
Actually...I'm with you...
I like it just the way it is too :)
(of course, unless it was YOUR cabin!!)

Well...here we are!
Back home...
How did you like the ride?
So...are you convinced that my method of travel
is more fun than YOURS??

don't forget to pet the dogs for a job well done!
They love nothing more that a snuggle...

& oh yes,
that wee bit of raw Arctic Char!!

Look at how happy they are!

Don't you just love to see a happy dog :)
I can see the smile on Beetles face!!

& I'm sure if Aurana could speak...
she'd be saying
"That was grand fun....
Please come back to visit again!"
wiggle waggle ruff ruff ruff...
Cheers friends!!


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Ohhh I want to come for a ride! hehehe I bet it would shake this baby right out!

Judy said...

Heather, you are such a good story-teller! I love it!! And the pics!! OMG!!

Love the pics in the next post of Sean & the girls too!

Mom really enjoyed chatting with you the other day . . . .I show her the pics on your blog to keep her up-to-date! The girls are getting so big!!

Keep up the great job!!

star said...

Hi girl can I come to your highway lol it looks so beautifull there hope all is well Love looking you up and reading the story's