Friday, December 5, 2008

December 4th 2008 !!

Not that I'm a proud parent or anything like that...well maybe I am! Who wouldn't be? Heck My children are Geniuses!!!!! & Now they are WALKING geniuses!!

Only thing is, every time I tried to video tape her in action...the trickster dropped to her knees & crawled ! THIS is the best photo I could get of the entire event...
Sarah Grace tuckered out saying... "Please Mum...Not again !!"
Oh'll all just have to trust me....
She really DID walk!!
Notice the adorable pink stripped sleeper? Yes...THAT would be thanks to Aunt Maureen! ... & one of Mummy's favourites, I might add!!
Did I mention that she walked to her FATHER repeatedly...passed right by me & went STRAIGHT for her DAD!! Hummm...all those months of snuggles & feedings & she totally passed me up!! What's with THAT I ask??
Yes, yes, focus on the fact that she WALKED!! Yes, yes...
Now as for was another Whitehorse to see the doctor & to pick up a few essentials!
Notice our very Christmasy outfits Aunt Maureen!!???
You just HAVE to love a brilliant Aunt with impeccable taste in women's fashion
(as I type...there she goes again...walking straight for her Daddy!! I'm cutting this short...time to get on the floor & cheer on my perfect girl!!
Cheers till next time!)


allmycke said...

Congrats - although frankly I'm not sure it's the right word.... I can see for my inner eye what'll happen when both girls can walk
- in opposite directions
- towards different dangerous but oh so exciting things
- at the same time...
Tune up those moccasins, is all I'll say!

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...


Your house will never be the same. Soon they will learn to climb. Chairs will be pushed up to tables and counters. Kiddies will be doing dances on the tables and counters. Oh the fun.

And of course they always go to daddy! Hunter did that too.

Elis said...

Congratulations!!!! I'm still a little unsteady on my feet, but I sure can pull myself up on things! But it won't be long, just wait and see....someday soon I will be as cool as Sarah Grace!
p.s. cute photo!

Judy said...

Congratulations! They grow up soooo fast!! Hope you guys are eating your Wheaties so you'll be able to keep up to the girls!!!