Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December's accomplishments... so far....

This has been an interesting month so far & it isn't over yet! They girls are growing & changing daily and the challenges are growing with them.....

1) Adelaide is learning how to dress herself & is doing a fine job of it...no more leaving yesterday's dirty cloths on the floor till morning... she'll put them on again & be SO pleased with her accomplishment that I don't have the heart to change her into something clean!

2) Sarah is climb EVERYTHING...

...She climbs onto the couch & contemplates jumping over the back of it...

...She climbs the baby gate !!
My question is, for "safety equipment" why is it the company provides FOOT HOLES for successful summits??
3) Sarah started walking on Dec 4th! Adelaide started walking on Dec 13th! For now they are both content crawling but only because it is FASTER!! Oh... and, lastnight, Sarah walked to her Daddy then turned around, while standing & without falling, to smile at her Mummy (MEEEEE) :)

4) Adelaide has FINALLY grown a rather beautiful front tooth to fill in the gap so she no longer looks like a Vampire!! Meanwhile, Sarah continues to grow tooth after tooth!!
They need them for all of the food they are devouring lately!!

5) Both girls were introduced to Grandee's homemade Chicken Stew & Dumplings & LOVED it! In fact, they ate all that was in MY bowl, then they ate all that was in Daddy's bowl....all we needed was a baby bowl & we could have called them the "Goldie-Locks Twins" !!

(mind you, if I don't say so myself, it was almost as good as if Grandee had made it herself...guess I had a good teacher ;-)

6) Daddy tried to teach Wellington how to pull my new sled but it doesn't seem to be working as of yet...I'll get back to you with any new developments on that one :) !

And who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks anyways? Besides...Sean isn't THAT old...well...not until May !!! hehehe

7) I got the girls fed, cleaned, dressed & out the door & to a concert by 10am all by myself! Now that is TRULY an accomplishment!!!!!
Heck, I've managed to get the girls to TWO concerts lately!!! & oh how they LOVE to dance to music!! Just wait till Uncle Ian sees them bust-a-move to the tune he wrote for them!!!

8) Oh yes...not only did they meet Santa for the first time, they got to give him a ride in their very own dog sled.

You see, his Reindeer got stuck on the river, so Adelaide & Sarah rescued him & brought him the rest of the way into town for a visit with all of the boys and girls of Haines Junction!
To top it all off...a TV Crew was there to film the whole event!!
What a pair of Santa's Helpers!!

It's like they saved Christmas for the entire town!!

It really has been a busy month...no wonder I haven't been blogging much lately!! Even Little Adelaide, the "You can't wear me down" girl, is finally bushed!!

But when she is re-energized.....Look out!!! The excitement will start all over again & with these two little elves, you just never know what will happen next!!


By the way...

Just 9 days left till Christmas!!!

& Boy oh Boy have I ever been a good girl this year!!


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Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

ahahah I love the Santa stuff! What good girls to rescue him. And I can't believe you got such a nice picture of them with him. Hunter was pretty anti-santa!

And your girls like their clothes??? Hunter would rather run around naked all day. He is perfecting taking his clothes off instead. And the climbing will get worse. Just wait until they learn how to push other objects around and use them to access items juuuust out of reach. Joy!