Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well, we had an awesome Christmas even if it was totally exhausting!!! I must say...I've become very good at keeping secrets & hiding goodies!! That hubby of mine didn't have a clue what he was getting this year!!!!!

We seem to live on the edge of the 11Th hour & Christmas was NO exception! The tree was trimmed & decorations set about AFTER the kids were in bed on Christmas were wrapped with our backs turned to each other, with comments being thrown around like "No peeking!!" Sometime after 2 in the morning we finally crawled into bed...At least we gave Santa SOME time to come down the chimney!!

Before the whole putting them to bed & waking them up at 2 am happened...Adelaide decided that she was going to help decorate the tree!!! Here, she is choosing what will go on next, as she stands on the arm of the couch...gingerly balancing over the wash stand...You'd think my kids were part monkey!!!!!

A few days earlier, I worked away at one of two quilts I was making for the girls! Well...One was tackled anyways! It was my first quilt ever & now belongs to Sarah...With the holidays almost over (tonight is New Years Eve) I'll find the time to make Adelaide's!!!

With the help of two brilliantly talented friends, (Lea & Marguerite) this was the end result!! The idea was to cover the girls in the new quilt after they'd fallen asleep on Christmas Eve...however, plans have a funny way of, ya know, NOT falling into place...When I tried to cover them, they woke up & started fussing to beat the band! I ditched the idea of wrapping them, turned out the lights, ran like heck & prayed they'd go back to sleep...Sean & I were SOOO tired!

Apparently Santa DID find his way to our place!!!!!
I just LOVE full stockings!!!
Last year Christmas was a blurr with 2 little preemies at home to stress over! I did manage to stuff them into their stockings last year for a photo op...
THIS year the stockings were filled with OTHER goodies!!

And the beautiful bags made by Aunt Margaret, then stuffed by Aunt Maureen & Auntie Eileen....what a hit!! It's awesome having family!

And Mrs D!!!!! I LOVE the ornaments!!!
Oh & Hi Tea is booked!!!!!

THIS was worth a VERY close inspection!

And suddenly she got it!! Sitting on one toy, she drummed away!! I was rather impressed with Adelaide's ability to figure out what "it" even was!!
What a smash hit...pardon the pun ;)

On another musical note...Santa brought the greatest rattles made of antler & babish (hide)....Gorgeous keepsakes to add to their collection of ultra cool things!

and Christmas quilted wall hangings from Auntie Marguerite...
(this woman is a goddess)
This Christmas seemed to go on for EVER & EVER!
Here, Sarah & I are modeling some of our new threads...such cozy sweaters...& OH that HAT!!!

How cute...we MATCH :)
Now all we need is a good dose of -30 so that we can wear our new beaver hats!
& living in the Yukon...there is plenty of THAT weather going around!!

When seasoned parents say "it's all about the box"
they sure aren't kidding!
Notice Sarah's problem solving skills at work...
"If I just stand on that other box...I'll be that much closer to...
...climbing INTO this box" HERE is a box filled with precious goods :)
It really was a great Christmas...The list of wonderful things seems endless
but best of all...
I got to spend the entire day with
MY family


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas!!

You quilt looks amazing!

Meandering Michael said...

That quilt is a beaut!

(I love my beaver hat. I'm sure you will, too.)

Heather (aka Mum) said...

Thanks Kara, Thanks Michael!!

Now to conquer the second one!! I'm worried that I'll REALLY like quilting! A new machine could get rather expensive!! Poor Sean ;)

The hats are awesome & best part is...they are made right here in the Junction! -39 this morning & happily armed with fur!!!

Hope your families have a steller New Year :)

Meandering Michael said...

I got mine from someone who lives around the Junction, too. I love how, with the flaps down, I can tie the string and it holds the warm, furry goodness over my cheeks.

Gwen said...

Hi Heather. Totally enjoy your blog and seeing pictures of those beautiful little ladies. Jon said he had had a long conversation with you recently. Hope you all have a healthy and happy New Year and looking forward to more pictures, etc.

Heather (aka Mum) said...

WOW!! Hi Gwen!!!!! This is AWESOME!! I'm so glad you left a message :) Knowing that friends back home are keeping up with us makes it all worth while...heck, that's the whole point to blogging :) Miss you all dearly! Please keep in touch :) We hope to be home next Christmas :) Only 11 months 3 weeks away!!