Saturday, December 13, 2008

So how dark is it up here anyways?

As of today,

in , Old Crow, Yukon...
Sunrise: 12:52
Sunset: 13:36
44 minutes of daylight

in , Haines Junction, Yukon...
Sunrise: 10:13
Sunset: 15:56
5 hours, 43 minutes of daylight

in , Oshawa, Ontario...
Sunrise: 7:42
Sunset: 16:38
8 hours, 56 minutes of daylight

Now keep in mind the front range in the Junction reaches about 8,000 feet so the sun is behind the mountains the entire time! The reality is we DON'T see the sun at all! I can't speak for Old Crow folks as I've never been there & haven't a clue what their landscape is like! But for fun you should look them up on the weather network at Instead of seeing any "suns" on the graphics, it's a string of moons all week!!

Speaking of which...what a beautiful moon out today :)
Cheers ;)


Meandering Michael said...

Nobody in Oshawa sees the sun during the day at this time of year either. They need to leave for work before sunrise to get there in time, and don't leave again until after sunset. The rest of the time is spent inside, working. (assuming they're not pulling a night shift)

Judy said...

We certainly don't get much sunshihe during the winter b/c it's cloudy alot of the time, but at least we do get daylight! I don't know how you folks handle so much darkness for such a long stretch!

Heather (aka Mum) said...

Hi Michael :) How true it is...those city folk don't get out nearly enough!!!

Judy!!!!!!!!!! Get up here & see it for yourself...Lenny wouldn't let you go back east!!

Just think 5 more days till the shortest day of the year ...then the sun returns!!!