Saturday, January 3, 2009

Meet the newest member of my family.....

...MY TRUCK!!!
Isn't she a beaut??
She's an '09, 1500 Crew cab, 4x4, Short box
Chevy Silverado
That would be me in the driver's seat beaming!
Thank goodness she got here when she did...the power steering on the car kacked on the way into town, the heater choked & the rear defrost chose not to work anymore...Heck, the kids nearly froze in the back seat on the way into town...took them a solid hour to warm-up once we got them indoors! Talk about a panicked Mum, I was fit to be tied!!
Happy news is, on the drive home, we might as well have been sitting on a tropical beach lounging while the radio announcer was spewing something about -40'C temps just outside the door! This pretty new girl took find care of us ALL on the way home! Sean on the other hand was bundled up in the car, fighting against the steering system while we tag-teamed home!

While on route, we stopped at Icywaters to pick up about 500 lbs of yummy frozen Arctic Char...The dogs just LOVE these dead, frozen morsels. Then we visited Laura & Jon in their driveway (to oooh & ahhh over my new beasty) & then it was off to Walmart for baby stuff & Canadian Tire for heavy duty floor mats for the truck. Then... finally... we were off, down the road towards home!
We took the time to stop in at Stacie's to visit but Dale & she were out cutting wood (and at -40'C, what a worthy thing to fill your time with) Funny thing was that Sean stopped on the side of the highway (in his semi-chilly car) to make sure I'd taken the new truck out of 4 wheel drive... Well of course I had... but had he left the car doors unlocked while he walked back to me to chatter?? NO!!! Did he leave the keys in the ignition with the engine running? YES!! Oh, & where were is warm mitts & fur hat? In the LOCKED VEHICLE with the KEYS! Into my new & very toasty warm truck he hopped (after kicking the tires of the car...) Keeping in mind, it was bloody cold out there...I chose to flag down the very next vehicle that came by (it took all of 1 & 1/2 minutes! And WHO do you think it was?? STACIE & DALE!! YAAAAAAA !! Our friends to the rescue!!! Not only did they get some tools (a coat hanger) to get us unlocked, they also had us join them for tasty New Year's Eve Leftovers & a cozy place to feed our (cozy warm but STARVING) children!
Guess I should have taken a photo of our friendly hero's in Dale's brand new Silverado (only a few days old) His is all sparkly white & happens to be a 3/4 ton with a full box! Oh well...let's just say that they were our
Knights in shining armour riding their White Horse :)
So...Here we are at home, safe & sound...minus the spare the excitement of our day, we lost the spare keys! I'm crossing my fingers in hopes that they will re-appear...
(I can just see you Mum, shaking your head as you read this!!)
First morning with my new baby...& WHO is off with it?? That would be my husband :) I've agreed to LOAN him the truck for hauling the
Cabin-Life-Necessities ... so off he goes to bring his three women their water supply :) You just have to love a good Man!! :)
And he came home just thrilled with how well it did...Something about springs & all that truck stuff I know nothing about...All I know is that it's a really pretty blue colour & has AC for those viciously hot July Yukon days that we are so well known for...Oh no...that was ONTARIO's viciously hot days.... :):):):):) all a distant memory now.... SO I just got AC, why??? I'm sure I'll be able to put it to use once or twice a year, even if, just for fun of it!
At least I have OnStar...well actually, as it turns out, it doesn't work in most areas up here...Hummm...what about that XM Radio? I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one :) But it looks mighty complicated with some kazillion stations to chose from!
All kidding aside, I DO have a great truck now & the girls & I will be able to travel safely on the highway. We can even visit local friends now too, hauling our jogger with us (the jogger wouldn't fit in the car trunk at all!!) ! Walking the girls on our road isn't the best idea during bear season & the rest of the year there is too much snow to be pushing a jogger around here! So I'm mighty excited about being able to get out & about now...
Look out friends. Here we come!!!!!


So that is the smile om MY face these days ... my new truck :)
Oh did I tell you that all of our pipes are frozen now too???
Sean is off fixing THAT crisis as I type...
Have I told you lately just how much I love my hubby??


Judy said...


Heather (aka Mum) said...

Hay! You caught me before I corrected all of my scarry typos!
I'm blushing!!!!! Oh well...

Sooooo...tell me THIS wouldn't be a nice set of road trip wheels!!!
I even called a friend & picked her up to go to the store for milk :) It was a blast to show off :):):)

Murray said...

After driving beaters for a very long time it took a couple of years for the thrill of getting even a fairly new Subaru to wear off. I'd sure love to fill my head with that new-car smell! She's a beaut!

Heather (aka Mum) said...

Hi there Murry :) I think it will be a LONG while before the thrill wears off :) Infact, for a pair of dog mushers, we've agreed that NO dogbox will be mounted on the box(trailer only!!) & NO dogs will be staked to the sides! mushers with a non-dog truck...we'll see how long THAT lasts ;) DOES smell good :):):)

Sean FitzGerald said...

Ahhhh Yessss... Journalistic license!!! What Mummy forgot to tell you when she told you about Daddy locking the keys in the running car at -40c on the Alaska Highway is that SHE almost HIT Aunty Stacey's trailer when she was backing the truck up to turn around.
Don't worry Daddy we will stick up for you!!!! Ummmmm can we have the new truck and your credit card now???

Fondly, Baby Adelaide and Baby Sarah

Heather (aka Mum) said...

Now now girls...close calls only count when playing with horse shoes & hand granades...& as for the truck? Although your language skills are (seemingly) beyond advanced...You'll need to hone a few others before getting MY new toy!! & about the to your Dad!! Remember "no" means "I love you" ;)

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

ahhahha those girls are already siding with their daddy eh?

Heather (aka Mum) said...

Hi Kara...
I KNOW it already scares me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!