Thursday, January 29, 2009

The finished product...

Do you remember WAAAAAY back on November 1st, when I posted about a baby quilt that I had asked "The Thread Bearers" to make for a friend...
I showed you a photo of me working away on my block & what it looked like when I was done with it! It was the first block that I ever made!!
Well...I never did show you the finished quilt did I?
13 women worked to put this together!!
I was SOOO excited to see just how beautiful it turned out!

Here it is!!

My bug is the blue butterfly in the bottom right corner in the photo above,

and the top left in the photo below!!

If you click on the actual photo,
you can see, in better detail,
just how well it turned out!
Since then, I've completed my FIRST QUILT, which you might remember seeing on my Dec 31st Christmas Post:)
I now have TWO more on my plate...One will be started & finished this weekend (I hope) It's another one just like the last...for the girls...
The other quilt, well...I can't tell you anything about it because it's a surprise...Heck, I can't even tell you who it is for!!
SOOOO...somewhere between family chores & twins, I've got my hands extra full these days!!
Have you ever known a quilter?
They really DO suffer from an obsessive condition don't they??
And another thing...
I'm always amazed at the people that live up here...
It seems that 99.9% of the Yukon residents are brilliant closet artists!!
I am SOOO lucky to have an opportunity to learn from these extremely talented individuals!! Perhaps some of their skill and creativity will rub off onto me one day :)
Hay Mum:
Not only am I learning to quilt but I'm also learning a few new Blogging tricks! If you click on the underlined words in this post, they will take you back to the posts that I was refering to in the script! Isn't that nifty?? Then all you have to do is hit the back button in the top left corner of your computer screen to take you back to this one! Go on...give it a try!!


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

The bug quilt is amazing!! Glad you have found something fun to do. I have turned into a mitten making addict, so I understand :)

Meandering Michael said...

WOW! Congratulations!

Judy said...

What a beautiful quilt! It's a work of art!! Congrats!! Well done everyone!!

Heather (aka Mum) said...

Awwww... shucks a'all :)

Hay Kara...we HAVE to talk about how I go about getting a pair of those sealskin mukaluks made by an Elder...!!!!!!!

AND we need to talk about our get it happening??