Thursday, January 15, 2009

For what it's worth....

A dear dear Ontario neighbour, who to the best of my knowledge has know me my entire 43 years of life, has made a request! She wrote, "It is so nice to be in contact with you and seeing the babes and Sean make it extra nice. I would like to see more pics of you though." I must say, the camera is something that I avoid for good reason these days...maybe one day I'll have reason not to be so shutter shy ...


Well Pam, I took to heart what you said about not seeing pics of ME! I must say...these days, I avoid the camera's unforgiving eye, when at all possible...but this blog is not only something for friends & family to have fun keeping up's something that my girls will one day be able to look back on & see our life - THEIR life in full colour! Whether I like the pics of me or not...I'd like to think that the girls will want to see them....

Just don't expect to see a tiny Tori, a stunningly beautiful TJ or Perfectly coiffed Roberta. It's not exactly a glamorous life style up here & my body has fallen far from grace...

Humbly, here I am...

Spruce & Beetle are two of my babies, I love them dearly & have owned them since they day they were born. (Dec 03/06)

In my neck of the woods the Spruce Bark Beetle has killed some 70% of the forests, Not a romantic inspiration in the naming of my dogs but I thought the names were catchy nonetheless ...Just when the twins are old enough to start running a team, these two should be mature enough (& calm enough) to do the job!!

With all 4 of us down with a bug,
a friend dropped by with home-made-chicken-noodle-soup tonight!
Sarah thought it was absolutely wonderful!
I was rather grateful because I'd not slept all the night before & I had NO interest in preparing anything for us....

I must say though,
that husband of mine does do lots of the cooking around here & he's an awesome chef to boot, so why mess with a good thing??

OK...THIS would be a rather scary photo but it's not about ME, it's about my HAT! It was my Christmas present to myself! The red is sheared beaver & the ivory is wool stroud, the rest of the fur is beaver as well...the ties are home-tanned moose hide...
Every single stitch was hand done by a well loved & highly respected local Elder (and brilliant artist, I might add). I just HAD to have it...Lucky for me she was able to make another, more masculine one, for Sean! This meant I could justify the purchase :) He DID need a new mushing hat, after all :):):)
You should see's just as gorgeous
& let me tell YOU...
at minus 50, you'd be happy to pay TRIPLE what I paid!!!
I'm SUCH a good wife, don't you think? it's only -45 here but I was only outside for a few minutes at this point
& the fur tips are already frosting up!!

Adelaide & I LOVE to play the Tickle Game together...Heck
"Tickle"' is now her first word
(after "Daddy", that is)
& she ASKS to play by saying it!!

& here we all are,
snug as three bugs in Aunt Mary's woolen afghan :)
cuddling in the living room built for us by my loving husband,
but not without the incredible support of two families brought together as one yet spanning four countries
& warmed by the children that have filled it.

So in the end,
I may be frumpy, stretched & tired from growing two perfect little humans,
but tonight, I'm OK with that...
when I reflect on what I have gained on the inside,
instead of what I have gained on the outside,
I clearly see that it's worth every scar.

Thanks for making me take another look Pam :)


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

I need for this pregnancy to be over soon! I am much too emotional as this post brought tears to my eyes at the end!!

But to fix that I just went back to the first toque picture (red puff ball on top) and it made me laugh so it is all good!!

And I love your beaver toque!!

Elis said... those photos! Tell my friends Sarah and Adelaide to post more cute mommy photos (with fur hats) soon!

JuJu said...

Hey, that hat ROCKS. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad you see your true beauty!

yvonne said...

hi heather, sean and girls, mom sent me your pics and this blog...i am very impressed that anyone could live with such little ameneties , bu you all look so cozy and happy and lots of smiles.
i look forward to chatting soon take care

Heather (aka Mum) said...

Kara...isn't that toques hiddious? There wasn't a mirror in the store & I just couldn't resist the monkey hat...I put it on & Sean said it was cute...SOLD...turns out he LIED! I only wear in around the yard when it's cold becasuae I look WAY too goody in it, even for ME!

JuJu :) thanks :):) BTW, I LOVE the lime green couch too !!

Hi Yvonne! I'd give up running water again in a heart beat if it meant keeping Sean in my life... But we don't need HIM knowing that now do we ;) Somehow that man keeps life interesting...

Elise! You can TALK?? How cool is that!! I, Adelaide, can say Daddy & Tickle, Sarah says Daddy too & we both wave hello & good-bye a lot! We'll try to figure out how to use Mummy's camera & catch her when she isn't looking then post the photos!
(oops I think she just caught me on her computer...I'd better go!)

Robyn said...

That was an absolutely beautiful blog entry, Heather. I'm glad you took another look---I hope you can see how obviously beautiful you are both inside AND out...


Anonymous said...

YOU ARE LOOKING good girl I like the hair being a mom really agress with u ,, you were born to be one and to live where u are take care and be happy it only comes around once,, and u found it


Heather (aka Mum) said...

It's funny how life changes eh Chris? Hay...are You in Canada now??