Saturday, January 10, 2009

Copper Basin 300....

Currently in 6th...Marin Jahr: is out of the start shoot with a strong showing...

#1) Mackey: is out front, leaps & bounds ahead of the pack...but then again THAT is to be expected coming from the soul man to win the Yukon Quest & Iditarod in the same year, two years in a row!! Note: Mackey's DOGS actually ran these races back to back !! ( I'd be thrilled to own some of his kennel castoffs!!)

2nd) Sass: is a well liked man...He won the Quest 300 the year Martin scared us all on Eagle fact, Sass rescued the fella who lost his 12 dog team as they went careening down the near-fatal mountain. With this act of selflessness, he still took first place in the race! The following year, in 2007, when Sean Martin & Laura took a crack at the same race, Sass came to the rescue of Yuka Honda after she, devastatingly, had a dog die on the trail! In this race he was going for the full 1000 miles & thought he did not win this time, he DID do very well & earned a prestigious award for sportsmanship! There is always room for a Knight in shining armour no matter where you are!

3rd) Gatt: is a man that, in the mushing world, needs no introduction. I LOVE this man, as do most of us. He was the first man to win the the Yukon Quest three years in a row! He IS the God of Mushing regardless where he places in the end!! A local Yukon too...

4th) Moore: Some big-wig Alaskan that I'll have to learn more about... I believe he has won the CB300 somewhere in the past...

5th) Lanier: of Chugiak, Alaska, I believe him to be from a family of long time mushers...has been racing, himself, for some 30 years...I suppose that means he knows a thing or two about dogs!

Other names to look for would be:
Michelle Phillips, One of the 4 women who have places top 5 in the Yukon Quest's history
Eddy Hopkins, Humble husband to Michelle & all sound fun guy...(on my team for the Kluane to Chilkat International Bike race in 2006)
Sebastien Schnuelle, local Yukoner who has been racing for ever and a day...Martin has some of Sebastien's dogs in his kennel & they are good friends.

So looks like our friend Martin is fairing well in the early hours of what is known to be the toughest 300 miles there are out there! I DID ask him if he had any final words before he left & reminded him that Dodds (a rather beautiful young female in his kennel named after some brilliant Yukoner...brilliant for what we aren't sure, but I've hear only great things about this person...why else would Martin name one of his dogs after her?) was to be left to ME in the even he did not return! I'm sure his laughter (in response) indicated an affirmation.
By the way...that would be a photo of "Dodds & Dodds" in the top right hand corner of this Blogg!!!!!
To satisfy your burning desire about Copper Basin 300 standings...simply follow the link above
Follow this link to a map of the race trail
All the while, keep in mind that Martin Jahr is the notable "My Martin"
to Baby Adelheid & Baby Sarah, so in the end, we don't really care where he places, only that he gets home safely so that he may continue to sing German nursery rhymes to my children!!

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