Friday, January 23, 2009

It was a big night!

There was Music in the Junction tonight & Daddy took Mummy, and Sarah & me out on the town!
It was our first chance to wear our new dresses
that Grandee & Grandad bought us for Christmas!!!!
Given the fact that Mum & Dad think my sister threw up on me earlier,
Mum opted for a sink bath :) I wasn't too sure at first...
and I think I still like the big tub better but,
I really did smell & I really wanted to wear my dress !!

Sarah, (the one who did the throwing up)
didn't have to have a bath because
she threw up on ME
instead of on herself!
She's looking rather sheepish here, don't you think?
It did feel good to get all cleaned
& dressed up though :)

and Sarah IS looking rather apologetic!
O.K...She's forgiven...Besides, what's a bit of spit-up between sisters anyways??

I just LOVE my new dress!!
And my woolen booties just look SO fashionable with it!

As you can see,
We were all ready for the big concert !!

Riveted to our seats (actually to Mummy's lap)
the music began!

My sister Sarah was absolutely engrossed
in the performance tonight!

I couldn't stop dancing all night!
or clapping my hands or singing along...
I just LOVE going to concerts!!
And with "My Martin" as my surprise date,
the night was a total blast!
The singer tonight, Tamara Nile,
was not only wonderful,
she really liked us too :):):)
SHE asked if she could get her picture taken with US!!
Then we bought her CD & she signed it for us :):):)
We are working on a stellar music collection...
Uncle Ian's CD is still our very favourite though!!
Well time for bed, because Mum & Dad are just exhausted!
My Sister & I could go for another round & party all night long...
Oh well, we'll have to put away our party dresses
and dance booties till another night...
I can't wait till the next concert in the Junction!!


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

They look so great in their little dresses!! It makes me hope Skeletor is a little girl!

Heather (aka Mum) said...

hay girl...speaking of babies...I've got some brand new sill in the bag, cuddle bags for the carseat! If I can dig them out, do you want them too?? They've NEVER been used & are blue & one brown...
Just send me an e-mail :)

bea3855 said...

Sooooo Sweeeeet!
Have a look at our new blog, too.
European Greetings

Tamara said...

i had a great time with you two!! i have some great photos i'd love to email you if you'd like
t. nile

Heather (aka Mum) said...

Oh Tamara! That would be awesome :)
you can find us at:

Hay...if you ever find yourself up here again in the winter...count on a good old fashion dogsled ride with us :) I know the girls would LOVE to show off their dog team!!