Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dear Adelaide & Sarah,

How very lucky you are...

From the day your Daddy said he wanted a family, I began to dream...From the day I knew you existed, that dream consumed me. From the day I heard you would be "TWO", that dream doubled!! And the day you were born, my dreams came to life.

While I was still in shock from the new of twins,
Grandee & Grandad laughed,
a laugh straight from the heart!
Then after a night of NO sleep from a head that wouldn't stop reeling,
Grandee listened to me babble on, for what must have been hours.
I can't even remember what we talked about,
but it calmed my mind...
Today, Grandee & Grandad have already given you
more than many children receive...
They have given you a family steadfast in love & support.
Aunt TJ & Cousin Cameron,
sent you treasures from their very own Nursery,
to welcome your arrival...
making family seem not so far away.
When you were tiny, Aunt Tori taught you the song
"Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes".
I never knew the word "toes" could inspire such a reaction!
While it made you giggle,
it brought tears to my eyes!
Then there is your Aunt Maureen.
She has been there every step of the way!
She once told me that with Grandma FitzGerald now gone,
she'd do her best to fill that gap...
With Aunt Maureen in your lives, there is no gap,
for she continues to swaddle you both in a blanket
woven from the fibers of the past & present.
Your Aunt Eileen & Aunt Margaret have arms
that reach all the way across oceans to hold you.
They have sent you treasures from Europe,
treasures that you will pass on to your daughters...
Although our family is spread far & wide,
they are forever doing things to include you in their lives
& they are filled with a love for you,
with a love that is only known to family.
Yesterday was one of those days that drove this home for me...

A parcel came in the mail from Vancouver.
In it was a CD of Uncle Ian singing along with his guitar.
These songs aren't ordinary songs known to other children...

These songs of Sled Dogs & Brumbys, of Winter Boots & Furry Mice...
are songs written for you, sung for you, played for you, by your Uncle Ian.
They were written for you & you alone.

Any music is a gift, but this music is golden!

Let's hope that the rest of the world doesn't discover your Uncle Ian's hidden talents, for if they do, we would surely have to share him with millions!
I'm certain that Grandpa FitzGerald, who was a musical man himself, is smiling &
the North Star is sparkling just a tad brighter,
as you dance to your Uncle's tunes, from your breakfast chairs. I am equally certain that you will play those very songs for your children some years from now !


As you grow through life, there are many things that I hope for you!
One of those things has already come true...
The love of family!

I can hear that you have woken from your mid-days nap and your sounds are happy.

...How very lucky I am ;)


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Heather that is so beautiful! What a wonderful family you have.

You have made me tear up. Again!

Anonymous said...

Still loving your blog - Come check out us at
I show your blog to all my friends - its one of the best in the Yukon. Stay warm and cozy. Marilyn Travis.

Tricia said...

Heather! Are you coming to Victoria?! come and visit me!

Heather (aka Mum) said...

Hay Tricia!! Yup!! We're taking the girls to Tafino...having a family reunion for his big 50 !!! I'll have to e-mail you the dates & arrange a get together before we get to the coast!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd SOOOO love to see you!!