Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bits & Bites

There are SO many things that I have planned to post and yet life seems to get in the way...sooooooo
I thought I post some Bits & Bites
A few weeks ago (or so) we were off to Whitehorse for something or other
and as usual we stopped at Auntie Stacie's on the way home for...
...a quick diaper change,
a yummy snack & a much needed friendly visit!

I do I mean "friendly" !!
Sarah was ready to take the entire team home with her!
That girls is DOG CRAZY!!

Some time before that...
We had some snowfall mixed with RAIN!!
All of the weakened trees from the summer snow storm
were in crisis again

Sean walked a few kilometers,
banging the heavy snow off all of the trees
in hopes that they would spring back to a height
allowing our vehicles to pass

I drove behind him with the girls in the truck
and got out to help where ever I could!
Oh the joys of living in rural Yukon!!
Ahhh, then there was a moose!!

Isn't she beautiful? or was that a HE?? Not sure...Regardless...what a wonderful sight along the Alaska Highway!!


I think I'll have to post some more bits & bites for now, I have two little critters to feed :)


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

The picture down the road looks gorgeous! I bet when the sun hit it, it looked amazing.

Heather (aka Mum) said...

Actually Kara, by the time the snow stopped falling long enough for the sun to finally came out, we'd knocked it all of the trees. Otherwise there would have been no navigating down the road! Although you are right, it WOULD have been beautiful to see the sun playing in the branches!!