Wednesday, February 4, 2009

4 things to do when it's cold outside!!

1) Terrorize Mummy by climbing onto anything we can!! Her responses really are fun! You should see her run & jump over the baby gates to get to us before we tumble!!! She really is an athlete!

2) Dress up in identical outfits & pretend you are the OTHER twin...
(only thing is girls, you don't LOOK alike!)

3) Get Daddy to build a railing !! Yippee!! More room to play in!! Now Mum won't have to worry about us climbing over the couch anymore!!!!!

4) & Help Daddy with railing so that Mummy can go to quilting & make Adelaide's Christmas quilt! Better late then never!!

Hay Daddy, has it warmed up enough to go mushing? I'm all grown up now, heck I even fit your mushing hat!


Elis said...

Love the mushing hat! And thanks for saying hello on my blog. We TOTALLY have to go dancing next time we meet up. (At least in somebody's living room, if not at the....KPI? Or wherever it is that one dances in the Junction.) I'm going salsa dancing for my birthday - I'll be sure to teach you some moves, if you'll teach me how to dance to bluegrass music!

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Deer Gurls,

Yous should weally twy cwaling up on dat tv. Dat will weally make your mummy squak! Or yous could twy to stand on dat windows seal. Dat is fun stuf!

Hopefuly we sees you dis weekends at your ant stacies. I am bwinging pizza and beers. I will teaches you bowf how to steel da beers. Good stuffs.

wuv Hunter

ps. dose dress ar vewy sexy!