Sunday, February 15, 2009

Yukon Quest Adventures...

Wow! What a weekend!
Sean & I managed to get into Whitehorse in time for me to
volunteer at the
Yukon Quest Vet Check!!
This didn't happen easily, I might add...
NO! We started out making good time
(which is ALWAYS an accomplishment with two little ones in tow)
but then we came across a truck that was not only ditched & abandoned, it was blocking any access down our road!
Thank Goodness for OnStar!
One press of the OnStar Button & the RCMP were dispatched!
Chris (one of our local officers, & darn nice guy too) came to our rescue!
Not only did the OnStar Advisor get us the RCMP,
she called the Quest office & patched them into the truck too so that they wouldn't be worrying about us!...
hummmm...I LOVE my truck!
It took over an hour before we were on our way again,
no thanks to the drunk
that had left his truck across the road!
(who later got a good tongue lashing from BOTH Sean & me)
Then there was this little snow storm...
Come on folks, we're in "the Great WHITE North"...What do you expect??
Oh ya...we're also considered SEMI-DESERT and tend to have very little of the white fluffy stuff on an average snow year!!
Well THIS day, the snow fell until it hit an all time record in Whitehorse!
(I'm thinking it was around one foot)
The drive was rather slow going...with blowing snow, visibility on that highway can get mighty sketchy!
FINALLY, we made it to town & the drive was totally worth it!

THIS dog my friends, is an athlete!
She will be on Colleen Robertia's team,
running the 1000mile Yukon Quest
That would be me in the fancy brown dog-yard jacket!
The vet (Helen) is going over the dog's general physical condition
while I take down the information on a check sheet...
Tony is handling the dog for us!

There is Colleen in the back ground in blue!
& it's my turn to snuggle with this beautiful girl :)

I can't remember what we were laughing at her but
we were totally bonding with Colleen's dogs!

Good thing I didn't have any room in the truck...
I could have easily taken this one home!

Not only did I get to spend the day with
TONS of beautiful furry four legged people
and learn TONS of great things from the different vets that I got tow work with,
the girls got to visit with their faceless Auntie Laura!!
(ONE of these days I'll get her with my camera,when she least expects it!!)


Apparently Sarah was paying attention to the Vets & Mummy because...

On the way home...we stopped at Auntie Stacie's where
she got to put her new found skills to work on Poo Bear!!!
Final Evaluation
Body Condition: 2.5/5 (perfect squeezable score)
Skeletal-Muscular: Teddy Bear-Cuddly
Lungs: Inflated with delightful squeals
Oral Exam: Kissable
Heart: HUGE
signing vet: Sarah Grace