Friday, February 6, 2009

Don't Delay - Vote TODAY!!!

A fellow Yukoner & friend, "Meandering Michael" has applied for
The Best Job In The World & I think he is just about crazy enough to get the position!! Heck, if this job isn't his...well, it just won't be going to the right person!! In the meantime, while the judges are doing their jobs,
we can all give Michael a boost &
Michael is cleaver enough in his campaign to win "The Greatest Job In The World" that he has been gaining a fair bit of media attention!!
Even the CNBC picked up the story!
All you have to do is click on Michael's underlined name to learn more & click on the underlined "Vote for him today" to see his video!!
Now remember, Michael is worth a 5 * rating when you vote!!!!
Now, Michael is bribing all of his friends to write a posting on each of our blogs to boost his efforts... I say, again, "Cleaver Michael" !!
I don't NEED an ipod, nor does Sean...
I fully planned to post about this anyways because it's fun to follow & who knows, I just might KNOW the AWESOME family who gets to move to some exotic island of the coast of Australia for 6 months to PLAY & earn HEAPS of money in the process!!
I say, GO for it Michael!
You show the world that no one can beat a
true blue (frozen) North of 60' Canadian!!!!!


star said...

Hi Girl pic's are great love reading the storys wellington looks good girls are beautiful u are looking happy and not so stressed out and hubby looks good to just wanted to say Hi and hope u are happy and doing good


Heather (aka Mum) said...

Thanks Chris:)
The gang is fine...Now that spring is hear, the sun is warm & the days are long!!! Makes for fun outdoor time!!
Hope you are also doing well!!