Monday, February 9, 2009

Kick Sledding!!

On the weekend we decided that it was time to take advantage of the spring like conditions (above -35'C) & the tons of fresh powder that fell!!
On went the sweaters
On went the snow pants
On went the snow boots
Then, it was time to practice walking in the living room!!
(use your imagination as there is no photo capturing that moment)
On went the coats, hats & mittens!!
What a workout! I was sweating...had to change my shirt even!!
Finally it was time to play in the snow!!
Little Sarah wasn't too sure about walking in her winter boots!

Little Adelaide was amused that we were foolish enough to think she'd even try!

Sean bought this kick-sled for me when the girls were 6 weeks old...
I thought I'd NEVER get to use it!
The wait was well worth it ;)
The two agreed that Mummy's kick-sled looked like a lot of fun!

Well sort of...once on board, they were not 100% sure...

Sarah (pulling up the rear) hung onto her sister for dear life!
Actually, it was rather cute!
Adelaide was ready to keel over just before the hill...
Good thing Wellington was there standing guard!
A close up of there faces, as they started down the hill,
would have been priceless...
Once Dad had his fun, it was MY turn!!
This was a blast! And being the honey Sean is,
he pushed the girls back up the hill for me!!
Did I pick a great guy, or what?

Are these not the cutest kids ever??!!

Even Wellington was joining in on the family fun!
The snow was so deep in the bush that he got stuck!
Can you imagine a Springer, of all dogs, getting stuck?
I think I had just as much fun watching the girls playing in the snow as I did
watching my dear dog!!
When it was time to head back to the cabin,
Adelaide took a face dive right into a massive pile of fresh snow!

She wasn't totally impressed but, managed to hold it together
and, in fact, pulled through her first snow job with flying colours!!

Well, that's it...Our kick sledding day was a total success!!

Hay, by the way, did you notice just how much the girls have grown? It must be all of that clean Yukon air:)


Meandering Michael said...

Hi! I've got some extra foam if you want a kid-friendly seat/backrest for the kicksled. Bungee cords make for GREAT seatbelts - if you ever want to hook up a dog or two to that sled, that is.

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

That kicksled looks like sooo much fun!!!

You all look adorable!

Heather (aka Mum) said...

Thanks Michael!! Funny, I was thinking about bungycords when I saw Adelaide tipping over!! I didn't think about foam though! Great idea! We're to be in town for the Quest start...will you be there with the family? It would be fun to see the kids!!

My God Kara...I tried that thing 6 weeks after they C-sectioned the babies out of me...NOT the most brilliant thing I've ever done! I was ready to sell it until the other day when we took the kids on I'm in love with it again :)

Elis said...

Soooo cute! Looks slightly dangerous to me....but I guess that's not a problem for two tough Yukon chicks!

Heather (aka Mum) said...

Hi Elis !! We think that mammoth sized cockroaches are FAR more dangerous!! You really should move home to the Yukon where bugs are tiny and have a short season & where dog sledding is the daily norm!! Besides...there's always room for another little friend no mater what the season!! :):)

star said...

You are the tree that holds the girls up u are looking good have fun girl