Sunday, February 8, 2009

Breaking news!!

There is a concert happening in Tofino
some time in April!
Or at least that's the hottest gossip
in the music industry these days!
I've heard it said that Cherry & Marmalade will be backing up the Mystery Lead with their unmatched talents on flute, tambourine, keyboard & drum!!
The town is all a buzz...& the bog is bubbling with the news!!
Our Undercover Agent scored these exclusive shots of the pair jamming away in some backwoods den...
in the Yukon of all places!
How this skilled photographer, found them,
we will never know as these are the only
photos of Marmalade & Cherry on public file!!
A stranger turned in our Agent's camera (intact) after they found it while
back-country hiking!!
To date, we have had no contact with our Agent!!

Cherry on flute...

Marmalade tapping the tambourine

Marmalade on the keyboards!!

& Cherry kickin' it up on the drums!!

It is unclear at this time just WHO the Mystery Lead is...
but we hope that our AWOL undercover man is still
undercover trying to find the answer !!
In the mean time,
we are all holding our breath, anticipating further breaking new about additional shows &
just WHO Cherry & Marmalade are backing for!!!!
(and of course news on the whereabouts of our #1 & currently AWOL man!)
H.A.F reporting

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Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Well we are soooo sad we couldn't see you guys and girls on Saturday!! That weather was so horrible! But we will be back in April. I so hope we can get together then!