Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today, He's our HERO!!!!

Adelheid & Sarah's
"My Martin"
did it!!!
He trained all winter long
(heck, he trained all summer long too!!)
He packed his gear... He loaded his sled...

He double checked his list...

and, like any good handler would,
Gene triple checked his list!

Then with a chuckle & a hug...

& his biggest fan (Adelheid) there to send him off...
the final count down was heard &
Martin was mushing down the trail of the
Yukon Quest 300

Together, 12 beautiful dogs
& their loyal Musher

Soooooo...how did he make out??

23 teams signed up
22 teams started
8 scratched
11 have finished
3 are still out there

9 -59 -MARTIN- FINISH -FEB 17 -18:31

Ahhhh...dear Martin,
We can't wait to welcome you home
Well done Friend!

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