Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Summit!

For weeks, Sarah Grace has been
climbing everything in sight, while
Adelaide Anne, has been persistent in her efforts!
Well, the moment finally arrived!

Adelaide has the gumption to do anything she sets her mind to!
(must have gotten that Gene from her MOTHER ;)

I just LOVE her positive attitude...

...not to mention her enthusiasm when she succeeds !!
(Yup, that's my girl !!)

Finally, Grandee's rocking chair has been conquered!!

Heck, this little tike even applauds herself for her accomplishments :)
How can't you fall in love with her...ahhhhhh

This would be the
"Oh Daddy, look what I just did!" giggle,
(I usually get the "I just fell on my noggin" cry or the
"Mummy, my sister just took my toy" scream!)

and the
"Humm....I think I'll savour the moment
before my sister gets up here" look

Not that THAT moment could last for very long around THIS cabin!!

Oh well, things are ALWAYS better in TWO's :)


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

I love her face when she finally accomplishes her task!

Heather (aka Mum) said...

:) Cute munchkin eh? She looks JUST like her Daddy...but has MY hair...straight as a stick!)
Sarah looks just like ME but with her Daddy's curls...perfect mix up of both of us :):)

Way Way Up said...

Eric is still here in Arctic Bay. I don't really know him but I know who he is.

Way Way Up said...

Just to follow up on your bread question - there wasn't any pumpernickel at the Northern when I checked after work today (glad I bought 2 loaves!) but a regular loaf of bread cost $3.65 and a loaf of the country harvest multi-grain bread that I try to use fairly regularly costs $4.29.

Hunter & the fuzzy kids said...

Hey Heather -
hope you and Sean had fun working at the Quest 300 yesterday. We (little guy Hunter and I) said Hi as we were helping Karen & Mark Ramstead get out. We found your blog through Stacies', who we found through some Alaskan friends' who also have a link to ours ( Funny small world... Sorry we missed seeing the girls

Heather (aka Mum) said...

Hi Lee!! WOW! That was really great seeing you at the start line & you are IS a small world :) Next time we'll have to have a better visit (the quest start is a bit hectic:)!
Hug your family for me :):)
(Lee's Hubby, Tim, is one of my all time Heros - He was my medivac nurse when the girls decided they were going to be born early!!& what a great guy :)